Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Michigan Tuesday: No News is Good News

Hoke had his regular press conference on Monday and said that Denard has been throwing the ball well after his wrist injury.  He could have gone back in game if they needed him. 

  • Looks like the Nebraska game won't be a huge recruiting weekend for un-committed 2012 prospects.  A number of committed Wolverines will be on the sidelines and 2013 prospects.  Josh Garnett is coming in for Ohio State.  2013 visitor OL Kyle Bosch is one to keep an eye on. 

  • Jordan Payton tweeted last night that he is nearing a decision.  Let's hope that's not about where he is going to dinner that night.

  • Michigan Basketball beat up on Towson last night.   They have one more game before heading to Maui to face teams like Memphis and Duke.

  • Michigan - OSU game is a noon kickoff.  TV is ABC/ESPN

  • In the not good news section, Marvin Robinson has been charged with home invasion.  The rumor mill is saying it's a misunderstanding between he and a roommate on some property.

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