Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Michigan Tuesday: Ohio State Visitor Update

As expected, this is one of the most anticipated weekend's for potential recruits to make it to Ann Arbor.  We all know it's the best Rivalry in college sports and so do the recruits.  They want to be there to see what this game is really about.  

Top 2012 Guys Visiting

  • Brionte Dunn, RB
  • Josh Garnett, OL
  • Amara Darboh, WR
  • Jehu Chesson, WR
  • Dan Gibbs, OL (In state 6'7 320 pound OL with only a couple of MAC offers - guessing he is a walk on candidate.  Talk about upside!)
There should be 14-15 commits there as well (including Pipkins, Houma, Magnuson and Standifer).  Kyle Kalis is not expected to make it due to a trip with his family. The Cass Tech kids have a playoff game.   There should be over 20 2013 recruits at the game as well. 

  • RR to AZ:  By know this is old news, so I wanted to give you my take on hire of RR.  I think this is a good fit for Rich Rod.  Arizona is a basketball school and football is an after thought.  Their last coach was Bob Stoops brother (friend of RR btw) who was defensive minded.   Of course they now go in the complete opposite direction and hire an offense minded coach.  My random thoughts on the hire:
- I wonder is the AZ AD read 3 and Out.  If he didn't he should have.  It gets you into the mind of RR and his style of coaching.  Even though many of readers felt the book came off in support of RR, I thought it showed some lack of overall communication and leadership skills.  I would have read the book before signing him to a multi-million dollar contract.

- I hope he does well in AZ, he will have a lot of rope to succeeded.  Much more then in did in A2.

- Hire a good defense coordinator, no matter the cost.   RR clearly doesn't want to coach defense or can't coach defense.  If Casteel is the answer, pay him the extra $10K a year and bring him as well.

- Mike Barwis in the desert is a no brainer.  That is one big Barwis Beach. 

- Recruiting could be an issue.  Right now they have the 57th rated 2012 class by Scouts.   AZ is known for poor facilities and RR doesn't recruit out West very well.   He is more of a Florida guy. 

-The PAC 12 is known for explosives offenses and not very good defenses.  How about an Oregon - AZ match up in a couple of years?  It will be like those WAC games back in the day when each team was scoring in the 80's. 

-RR to AZ was like the 10+ story on Sportscenter last night.  Every miss step at Michigan was like story #2.  Welcome to the coaching witness protection program at a basketball school.

- Good Luck RR!

  •  I hope you got to see the Michigan - Memphis game on TV yesterday afternoon.  John Beilein took that young Memphis coach to school.   I had always heard stories about John coaching the other coach out of the gym.   This game was a clear example of that.   Michigan won't have that advantage when they play Duke tonight. 

  • Michigan is a -7.5 favorite on Saturday.

  • Seems Urban Meyer to OSU is now a forgone conclusion.  My take is, so what?  If he wants to sign up up for a couple years of probation, loss of scholarships and other NCAA penalties, be my guest.  I want OSU to be strong when Michigan is strong.  It's good for the rivalry and the Big Ten.   Michigan will still be able to get kids out of Ohio and will continue to play good football.   I sure wouldn't have left Florida for OSU and their problems that is for sure.  I guess that's what happens when you have Earl Bruce as one of your mentors.   It couldn't be any different that facing Tressel.  Let's hope Meyer plays by the rules and doesn't have similar "loose" policies that Tressel did.    Don't be fooled that this is leaking out during Michigan week.  It reminds me when they fired Earl Bruce the week before the Michigan game.  That is ironic isn't it?   Nice try on the PR move. 


Voice of Reason said...

OSU will never play by the rules no matter who they hire. Urban Meyer left Florida for a reason and I'm not convinced that health was the real reason. When he left Florida did he leave a strong team behind? I'm not so sure. My gut tells me that "maybe" he was anticipating moving into another position that didn't open up to him. So OSU is his plan "B" albeit not a bad one. There is a lot more competition in the SEC than in most other conferences.

dude1984 said...

Meyer left FLA because his buddy Tebow was gone and the outlook wasn't that good. I have a feeling there is going to be a lot of negative recruiting against Meyer because he comes off as a quitter and or unhealthy (not able to stay long).

As for the game, will any former players be there like Woodson? With the long week and already being in the area, I hope he stays for "The Game".