Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Michigan Tuesday: Recruiting Questions Still Remain

Scout has Michigan as the #1 recruiting class in the nation right now.   Michigan had a great summer on the recruiting trail but things have slowed this fall as a few spots just remain. 

Offensive Lineman Recruiting
It was clear that Michigan wanted another offensive lineman in this class.  They have offers on the street to Jordan Diamond, Zach Banner, Josh Garnnet and a new offer to Alex Kozan.   A few weeks ago Michigan looked strong in getting one of the four gentlemen above.  Jordan Diamond seems to be considering other schools over Michigan and won't decided until signing day.  Zach Banner visited Oklahoma and now has them a his leader, Josh Garnnet has set an official to Ann Arbor for the Nebraska game and Alex Kozan is now just considering Michigan.  

There seems to be a long way to go in getting one more guy. 

Jordan Payton was a couple days away in committing to Michigan before he took a trip to ND, which made he re-consider and delay his announcement.    Now the word is Jordan wants to take a few more visits and might want to stay closer to home.  

Amara Darboh:  Is planning to visit for the OSU game. 

Mady Madris:  No visit planned, still considering Michigan.

Other Positions:

Bri'onte Dunn - visited OSU last weekend and is still a soft commit to the Buckeyes.

Yuri Wright - visiting Ann Arbor for the OSU game.

Originally, I had thought this class would be completed by the end of the football season.  With many of the above kids planning to announce at All Star games, I now expect we might not fully know until signing day or maybe January.   There seems to be a lot more work needed to be done in the last 4-5 spots.   I also expect we might hear a few names we are not tracking right now as senior year tapes get out and some of these big names visit more schools. 


Mitch McGary 5 star power forward/center ranked #2 in the nation will be announcing his college decision on Thursday.   Michigan is one of his final 3 schools with Florida and Duke.  Michigan looks to be in good position for good news on Thursday.

Michigan Football MASH Report

It's hard to take anything Coach Hoke says (regarding injuries) as the 100% complete truth.  He clearly, went to the Lloyd Carr camp on giving the least amount of info regarding a players availability for the next game.  So..............

  • Kovacs may or may not have been running on Sunday.
  • Barnum injured his other ankle and may or may not play against Iowa
  • Taylor Lewan has a wrist, ankle and knee problems
If I had to guess, I would think Kovacs and Barnum sit this weekend and Lewan plays.

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uncle ron said...

Good post Big Bob, I think all recruiting comes to a slow rush this time of year. I still think Jordan is coming to M and I still think we will get at least one of the lineman you talked about.