Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ohio State ReCap: The Winds of Change

I don't know how you watch a Michigan game but my family and friends can attest I get a bit emotional during games.  Michigan could be playing Northwestern or MSU doesn't really mater.   My emotions flow from anticipation, to joy to even levels sadness or disbelief.  Believe or not there even could be some foul language when things go wrong.   When Michigan plays Ohio State and we haven't won a game in 7 years, those emotions move to another mental state that I'm not familiar with.  At some point today around 3:15 this afternoon, I lost my mind.  Not sure what came over me,  but when Michigan went from a game clinching touchdown TWICE to watching JT Floyd get burned for what looked like the game winning pass (that just floated over Posey's head), to Miller spiking a 3rd down and then throwing a pick to finish the game. 

This game is not what I expected.  For some reason Ohio State plays like Ohio State for 11 weeks and when they see the Winged Helmets they turn into the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Miller was doing his best Vince Young impression with his arm and legs.   They moved the ball against the Michigan defense like only ND has this year and still Michigan found away to win both games. 

Denard almost played a perfect game, minus the fumble it was one of his best efforts.  Big Al Borges knew this was Denard's game to win or lose and put it 100% on his shoulders. Denard was ready hungry and played for his current and former teammates in what was great big game performance. 

  • Denard "freaking" Robinson
  • Michigan's O-Line
  • Fitz Toussaint
  • All the Seniors
  • The Big House Crowd
  • Brady Hoke being 10-2 in year 1
  • JT Floyd (are you kidding me, you let Posey behind you on the last drive?)
  • Will Hagerup, Come on man.
  • Troy Woolfolk,  Struggled all day.
  • Greg Mattison (first time on the list but OSU should not have not been able to move the ball so well on your unit)
  • Steve Watson and Pat Omameh those penalties almost cost Michigan the game.

This was a great win and I have some more random thoughts. 
  • Enough with the "days since OSU lost to Michigan"  For the record, Michigan didn't beat OSU last year but since they played with "Professionals" the game officially didn't have a winner.

  • For those that enjoy conspiracy theory's:  The replay booth over turns the Fitz TD run, when one replay shows he was short of the goal line and another replay shows he got in.  If I am correct, if they have two conflicting views, they have to go with the call on the field (which was a TD).  Michigan was a 7.5 favorite and that would have put them up by 10 points.   The refs called two penalties on the next play almost guaranteeing a field goal attempt making the lead 6 points.   

  • I'm not sure how Michigan got on the bad side of the replay booth refs but they need to send them a fruit basket or something.  It seems every close call goes against Michigan these days. 

  • I hope Michigan gets a BCS bid and if I could put my vote in, I would vote for the Orange Bowl.  How about a Virgina Tech - Michigan match up?

  • Where did this season go?  It seems like it just started.

Let's hope the recruits enjoyed themselves and we can wrap up the 2012 class in the next month or so.  I was really impressed how the team competed today and didn't give up even when things started to go wrong. 

It seemed that "the Wind" played a big role in this years team.  The wind blew Rich Rod to the desert and brought us Brady Hoke from the West Coast.  Brady and Greg Mattison blew into town and turned this defense right around.  Michigan learned from the Wind Storm in East Lansing and under similar conditons it didn't phase them against Illinois.  Today the wind blew through the Big House and blew away 7 years of loses and it even might have blown in a new head coach for the Buckeyes.  Whether it was Miller's arm or that Ann Arbor wind, the winning pass blew a few yards away from Posey to seal the game for the Wolverines.  The winds of change feel good to Wolverines fans everywhere.  It's a wind we remember, it's a wind that feels right. 

Whether it's the BCS or the Citrus, this team can hold it's head high and the seniors can get a good nights sleep that the Buckeyes went down today.    All is right in the Wolverine Nation again.


Anonymous said...

Very stressful, I feel the same way on game day. Best guess puts us in the Sugar vs. Houston.

Maybe you should put up a "Days since Ohio has beat Michigan" counter a la the Dispatch. (already been about 730 days due to vacated win)

uncle ron said...

Big Bob....I love ya buddy, feel the same way you do, only I took my brother and sister in law to the game, oh yea their both Buckeye fans, they were feelin' pretty low by the time we got home....and I Freaking Loved it!! I'm thinking Sugar or Fiesta Bowl. Who cares we're going "Bowling Again" sorry Puckeyes!!!
The kids are learning how to play the game again so there will bound to be miscues, as long as they learn from those all will be fine in The Wolverine Nation.