Monday, November 14, 2011

Replay Unkind to the Wolverines

Michigan went 1-1 on it's latest road trip, which could have easily been 2-0 if Michigan had played better in Iowa City. 

With that said, the Wolverines haven't exactly had the best luck when it comes to the Replay Booth lately.   Yes, I had flashbacks to the Illinois game in Denard's and Tate's freshman year, when Roundtree got loose for a long touchdown catch and got caught on the goal line.  Michigan never scored but I think they went to the replay booth 3 out of 4 plays on that goal line stand.   I was lucky enough to be at Memorial Stadium that day.  Those reviews changed the game and John Bacon' calls out that goal line stand in his book 3 and Out as the beginning of the end for Rodriguez at Michigan.  For some strange reason, the Illinois game has been the tipping point for the Wolverines season the last 3 years.  (Last years shootout got the Wolverines bowl eligible)

Back to the last two weeks.  How has the Replay Booth been to the Wolverines?

Check out this list:

- Vincent Smith's long touchdown against Iowa over turned - Correct Call

- Hemingway's non-TD catch against Iowa, not over turned - Too close to call, I thought he caught it

- Denard's TD run along the side line (Illinois) over turned - Correct call he stepped out of bounds

-Avery's fumble return for a TD at the end of the first half, over turned - Not a fumble and Avery's knee was down. Correct call.

- AJ Jenkins long catch - over turned and correct call

Replay calls that went in Michigan's favor 1 out of  5.    (I didn't include Zook's challenge of a fumble where the Illinois running back lost the ball spinning in the air but Zook clearly thought his knee was down)

The above calls took 4 touchdowns off the board or 28 points.   I am not going to mention the spot of the ball on Michigan's 3rd down pass during the Wolverines last visit to the Red Zone in the State game or MSU's backwards pass that was recovered by Michigan but never reviewed.

All of the calls above were correct, minus the too close to call Hemingway catch but I still get nervous when the replay a Michigan touchdown that it might be overturned.  Here is hoping that

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