Friday, December 23, 2011

Michigan Friday: Apologizes to San Diego State

Dear San Diego State,

The University of Michigan and it's fans owe you an apologize.  We took your programs head football coach and top assistants and left you with little to no coaching talent.    It started in January of 2011 and continued through out the year. 

Then 8 months later, Michigan was not a gracious host in September and welcomed you to Ann Arbor by beating your team 28-7.  Again we are sorry. 

Clearly, Rocky Long your head coach is upset about the treatment from U of M and down votes the Wolverines in his final poll.   Which clearly is a way to stick it to the man, since a loss to a higher ranked Wolverines would help SDSU's ranking. 

Then earlier this month, you get confused on where your school is located and join the Big East.  Now, I can't really blame you for joining a BCS Bowl conference but that seems like a ton of travel for your school.   Since the Big 10 has 12 teams, maybe you can call your new conference The Big East West?

The last but not least straw, was your teams performance in the Super Dome last weekend.   (Hey, Michigan plays there in a couple of weeks!)  Your team lost to Louisiana-Lafayette, let me say that again Louisiana-Lafayette.   Here are some of the great coaching moves during the game:

  • L-L sold out to stop the run against the nation's #3 rusher and SDSU continued to try to run the ball for little to no gains.  Pass the ball coach!

  • SDSU gave up 470 yards through the air. 

  • On the winning field goal, SDSU got an “illegal stemming”  penalty that got them 5 yards closer and made a 55 yard field goal a 50 yarder. 

  • Late in the game, Rocky Long brought out his terrible kicker to try to kick a field goal.   This guy had hit less then 50% of field goals this year and I believe he had missed his last 5 attempts coming into the game.   He did make a short attempt early in the game but his 4th quarter attempt was shanked badly.   Good call coach.  

  • The team you lost to was 3-9 last year and has 1 win in it's history over a BCS school.  L-L had lost 3 out of it last 5 games coming it to the bowl game.  This was their first bowl win.

  • This is L-L's S&C Coach. He left that blood there the entire game.  

This is clearly all Michigan's fault and we apologize.   To make it up to you, please enjoy coach Steve Fisher for many more years.

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jared32696 said...

Hey man ease up on the University of Louisiana. Thats my other love. Michigan and UL. I take great pride in the fact that we don't stoop down to ohio and lsu fan arrogance. And yes it is crazy to travel from Lafayette to AA2 for UM football. But I wouldn't have it any other way. Geaux Cajuns and Geaux Wolverines!