Friday, December 16, 2011

Michigan Friday: BigHouse Bullets

  • Jordan Diamond has Michigan in his top 5.  He is planning another visit to Ann Arbor in January and will announce at signing day.

  • There is a rumor that Michigan has fallen out of Josh Garnett's top two which now includes Stanford and ND.  Let's hope not.

  • David Perkins is getting recruited by everyone.  Arizona coaches were in to see him yesterday.

  • As expected Urban Meyer is trying to recruit 5 star OL Kyle Kalis.  He said, thanks but no thanks.   He seems 100% Blue!

  • Yuri Wright will visit Ann Arbor in January.  Michigan was his childhood favorite growing up. 

  • Sam Grant, TE who visited A2 last weekend is heading the Arkansas this weekend.

  • There was some conflicting reports that Greg Mattison stopped by to meet with Pharaoh Brown this week.   Is the door still open, could be but I doubt it.

  • Molk and Martin got invited to the Senior Bowl.  Well done guys!

  • Sam Webb Det News article on Armani Reeves who likes U of M but wants to wait to see who is hired at Penn State.  

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