Friday, December 2, 2011

Michigan Friday: Coaches are Hitting the Road to Recruit

One of the advantages of not playing in the BIG 10 Championship game is an extra week of recruiting on the road before bowl practices start.  Michigan will find out on Sunday if they are heading to the Sugar or Citrus Bowl.  This week though the assistant coaches are on the road to visit as many prospects as possible.  Think about a couple other things as well: OSU doesn't know who their assistant coaches will be and still waiting for the NCAA, PSU is worried about the off the field situation and they don't have a head coach either, Wisconsin and MSU are busy this week preparing for a game and Illinois needs a head coach, so the time is now to make up some ground on the local competition. 

Here are some of the visits we know of:

  • Brinote Dunn
  • Josh Garnett
  • 2013 WR Kevin Gladney
  • 2012 TE Taylor McNamara
  • Today with Yuri Wright
  • 2012 TE (PSU de-commit) JP Holtz
  • WR Jehu Chesson
  • 2012 Center Evan Boehm (4 Stars and Missouri de-commit)

Rumor Mill:

I love this time of year because so many changes are happening in college football. 

  • Mike Sherman got fired last night from Texas AM - the rumored leading candidate is Houston's head coach, Kevin Sumlin who seems to be the "hot" candidate right now.  There is a report out that ASU has already offered Kevin as well.  Looks like if Michigan plays  "5 Slamma Jamma" in the Sugar Bowl, they might be with out their head coach.

  • I watched WVU beat South Florida last night and wondered if Jeff Casteel would join RR in Arizona.  It's pretty strange that he hasn't hired any assistants yet.  I am sure Pitt and Indiana are trying to lock down their assistants right now.

  • Have you ever seen such a bad championship game as the PAC 12 game tonight?  Oregon plays 6-6 UCLA who just fired their coach.  The Ducks are favored by 31 points.  Good game.  There are plenty of rumors that UCLA wants to target Chris Peterson from Boise State.   Chris said no the last time they had an opening but there is some thoughts that Chris might be more interested now.  That would be a huge hire for them.

  • If Alabama plays LSU in the NC game,  I think Michigan and Ohio State should get their 2006 teams back together and play for the 2006 NC game again.   (I thought nobody wanted to see are-match?)  Both Michigan and OSU lost their bowl games by wide margins that year.

  • There are plenty of rumors floating around that Mac Brown is about to retire at Texas.   That would be an interesting job opening. 

  • Don't forget Monday's post on who you want to root for this weekend if Michigan can jump two spots an earn a BCS Bid.

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