Monday, December 26, 2011

Michigan Monday: Offensive Line Open Spots for the 2012 Class

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend.  Time to get back to work and focus on recruiting and the Sugar Bowl.  We are almost a week away from Michigan football!

Michigan has a few open pieces left in it's highly ranked 2012 class.  Those spots include, defensive back, tight end and offensive lineman.

One of the most interesting spots left on the board is on the O-Line and how Michigan is recruiting that position.   Clearly the top guy of the list is Josh Garnett and Michigan has a good shot at this young man who puts academics #1.  Top that point, he is interested in all 3 Medical Schools.  His top 3 are Michigan, Standford and ND.   Michigan has a great shot here and look for Hoke and other coaches to visit Josh in January.  Maybe the Michigan coaches should take photo's of the new Mott's Children's Hospital with them?

Jordan Diamond has been to Ann Arbor 5 or 6 times and is planning one more visit in January.  This is a kid that enjoys the recruiting process and has a big announcement planned on signing day.   I thought Jordan was going to be Blue 6 months ago, now I'm not sure his timing and Michigan will match up. 

Others names to include is:  Dan Gibbs (Birmingham, Mich) who is visiting on 1/13 as a walk-on prospect.   Alex Kozan who visited Ann Arbor a couple of weeks ago, but has been pretty quiet in his recruitment.  Don't forget about Zach Banner either, he recently took Michigan out of his top 3 but I have heard recently that Michigan has made up some ground with him.

New names to watch:  Florida offensive lineman Evan Goodman who was a former ASU commit and is planning to visit A2 in January. Another guy to watch is Las Vegas prospect, Jeremiah Poutasi.  Both Goodman and Poutasi are 4 stars prospects.

How about 2013?  Keep an eye on Logan Tuley-Tillman who might take another visit to Ann Arbor in January with his family. 

My gut tells me that Michigan would take Garnett even if another offensive lineman jumps out in front of him and commits. 

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