Thursday, December 22, 2011

Michigan Thursday: Denard Kicks The NFL 's Tires

Denard Robinson has filed paperwork with the NFL Advisory Board to predict where he might be taken in the NFL Draft.   This doesn't concern me and Denard should cover all his bases so he can make an informed decision.  Do I expect him to go to the NFL this year? The answer is no.   "A year under my belt is going to help me a lot," Robinson said. "I think I can do some special things next year."

I expect he will be back and facing Alabama next year in Dallas. 

  • Congrats to Paul Chryst, Wisconsin OC who it seems will be getting the Pitt head coaching job. 

  • Josh Garnett tweeted that a reporter asked him: Why Michigan?  He tweeted 1) He loves Erik Magnuson and 2) He hates Ohio State.  Come on down big fella! 

  • David Brandon doesn't like OSU or any school having two coaching staff recruit during the December.  He believes it gives teams with 2 coaching staffs an advantage:  "No one will ever convince me of the merits of allowing anyone — including the University of Michigan — to have this kind of advantage, or that this is sensible in terms of being a fair and equitable approach," Brandon told The Detroit News last week. "Our coaches right now are sleep-deprived. They've got to plan to get 130 people to New Orleans (Michigan plays Virginia Tech in the Jan. 2  Jan 3 Sugar Bowl), practicing and preparing a game plan and doing all the things coaches do, and yet this is one of the busiest recruiting seasons of the year."

  • The Michigan Basketball Team plays Bradley today at 6:30 BTN

  • If you didn't hear, when Big Al was asked if he was interested in the Florida OC job, He responded:  “No. This is Michigan Fergodsake -- the noble words of someone we all know and love. Next question.”

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    uncle ron said...

    Ya buddy come on down Mr. Josh Garnett and become the next Michigan Champion we will welcome you with open arms...a decision for your future you will never regret. GO BLUE!!!!

    nmaxwell said...

    isn't the sugar bowl jan. 3rd?

    Bob said...

    Yes it is, that is a goof by the Detroit News folks.

    Voice of Reason said...

    I don't see Denard going into the NFL as a QB or at least a highly drafted QB. My guess is that the NFL Advisory Board prediction will reflect that. I think they would predict his draft worth as being higher as a RB or WR.

    Do you think the reports give players alternative data like that?