Thursday, December 29, 2011

Michigan Thursday: Rumors, Transfers, Injuries and The Pac 12

Let's first get to the Big 10 - Pac 12 news.  As you know by now the Pac 12 and Big 10 has signed a partnership to start playing games against each other in football and in other sports by 2017. 

The news on the partnership has been received very well by most Michigan fans and the media.  It makes sense for both parties because it opens up some nice recruiting areas in the West Coast for the Big Ten and just the opposite for the Pac 10.   Does going to Michigan now look better to Josh Garnett if the coaches can now say we will be playing on the West Coast twice in 4 years?  (assuming the schedule changes that quickly)  I think that would be very good news to Josh and his parents. 

On the other hand, Michigan has not played well over the past few years when traveling West during the regular season.   I can think of loses to Washington and Oregon in recent memory.   We also know the Wolverines record in the Rose Bowl.   So this will only make Michigan's schedule harder and if they keep ND on the schedule, lose one home game every other year. 

What to do with ND?  This announcement could have a huge effect on ND moving forward.  ND has regular season games with Purdue, MSU and Michigan from the Big Ten and Stanford and USC from the Pac 12.   If all those teams dropped ND from the schedule this could be a big issue for Fighting Irish.   If you are NBC how valuable is that TV contract if you lose those match ups?

I am sort of torn if this partnership means dropping the ND tradition and adding say Colorado.  ND would be 100% out if the Big 10 went to a 9 game conference schedule.

  • The big rumor that has been floating around for a few weeks is that DeAnthony Arnett (4 star WR from Michigan in the 2011 class) is planning to transfer from Tennessee.   His father is ill and he needs to be closer to home.    Which means he could play at two BCS schools: Michigan or MSU.  Michigan is pretty close to full but I am hearing there could be mutual interest.   MSU fans believe he is a lock to the Spartans.   I think things need to play out here, but if I were a betting man, I would bet if that Michigan has room he would be in the Maize and Blue uniform next year.   One other thing to note is that the NCAA can and could give him a "hardship" waiver that would allow him to play right away (due to his father illness).   His scholarship would not count against the 28 limit in the 2012 class but would count against the 85 overall number.  Arnett had 24 catches for 242 yards and 2 TD's as a freshman at Tenn.

  • Michigan is going to be light on the depth chart on the D-line for the Sugar Bowl.  Both Heininger and Brink are banged up and Heininger is questionable and Brink is out for the game.   Looks like it's time for Big Will to step up!  (I am still mad at RR for blowing his redshirt for a couple snaps on extra points in his freshman year.  What was he thinking?  If anyone needed a redshirt it was Big Will!)

  • The Michigan Basketball Team opens the Big 10 season tonight at Crisler against PSU. (7:30 BTN)

  • Recruiting Note:  Ohio TE Sam Grant was recently offered by Oklahoma.  Though former Michigan prospect Taylor McNamara just committed there yesterday.   Sam was planning a trip to OK but now maybe they are full at TE?  

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Voice of Reason said...

Seems like the conference agreement is a sound business decision for both conferences.

I am under the impression that the Big Ten will not go to a nine games conference schedule at the present time.

I also don't see Michigan dropping ND very easily. ND is one of those schools that can provide a big pay day when Michigan goes on the road. However, I am like most fans I want to see an Alabama, Texas, Oklahoma, etc., come through here at times. ND doesn't do it for me.

It would be nice if DeAnthony Arnett transfered to Michgan, especially if he doesn't count against the 28 scholarships.

I also agree with you, it's time for Big Will and QW to step up, and this is the experience they can use to do it for next year.