Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wolverine Wednesday: Final 4 Spots: DB's and TE

With just 4 spot left in Michigan's 2012 class, Michigan is targeting 1 TE, 1 OL and 2 DB's. 

The 2 DB's in question names are not a mystery to recruiting fans since the Wolverine coaches have been targeting these two guys for awhile now.  

First target is: Yuri Wright.  Yuri is a 4 star 6'2 180 pound CB from NJ.  What makes Yuri unique is his size and athleticism.  Finding a 6'2 corner who can play is like finding a Rolex under your beach blanket.   It's pretty uncommon to find a guy this size who has the ability, speed and hips to play the position.   I have heard Yuri is a great athlete that could use some college coaching on fundamentals of the position but has a huge upside.  He also has a frame that could grow into the Safety position.  Yuri is on record saying that Michigan was his favorite team growing up and will be in A2 on 1/13 for his visit.

Second target is: Armani Reeves:  Armani was seriously looking at Michigan before he committed to Penn State and is still committed at this point.   He wants to stay committed to Penn State until a new head coach in announced.  Armani expected that announcement before Christmas which didn't happen.   Since that saga continues, it sounds like Armani is going to give Michigan a visit in January (I don't believe a specific date has been set yet). 

Armani is another 4 star CB and comes in at 5'9 and 185 pounds.  He doesn't have the size of Wright but insiders say he is "college ready" in his CB skills.   Clearly, Michigan wants both guys and with the loss of Anthony Standifer they have room for both.   

The Michigan coaches don't seem to have any other DB's on the radar at this point and signing day is just over a month away.  What does that mean for the class?

I think it means if they only get one of the guys above or get shut out, they would take two offensive lineman if that option is available to them.   That is why you see new new names popping up on the offensive line and not at DB. 

As far at TE, Michigan seems to be targeting the blocking and catching TE from Cleveland (teammate of Kyle Kalis) Sam Grant.  Sam is 3 star prospect and is 6'6 240 pounds.  Sam has taken recent visits to Michigan and Arkansas.  He just got an Oklahoma offer but is still verballed to BC.   Sam wants to get his decision out of the way soon but now may take a visit to OK before he decides.    I think if you take all the factors into play: distance to home games, great education and friend on the team all plays in Michigan's favor. 

An early decision helps Michigan either way, if Sam goes elsewhere, the Michigan coaches have time to fill the spot with another player.  Right now only Sam seems to be on the radar.

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