Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wolverine Wednesday: The Ups and Downs of Recruiting

The Michigan coaches are serious about finishing this class and I think they would like to have most of the pieces in place before Christmas.   Here is a quick update:

  • Brionte Dunn will now be making a visit to OSU this weekend.  His dad says he will look at visiting Michigan the weekend of the 17th.   This is clearly a conflicted young man and I really think OSU is in his heart and Michigan is in his head.   Which one wins is where he will be enrolled next month.

  • TE Recruiting:  Michigan is serious about recruiting a tight end and has just offered Kyle Kalis teammate Sam Grant.  There is a chance Kyle and Sam could take their officials to Ann Arbor this weekend.  Sam is a 6'6 TE and verballed to BC right now.   It's clear that Michigan wants another TE in this class and that want a commit sooner rather then later. 

  • Rivals tweeted that Yuri Wright has Michigan and Colorado in his top 2.  He will visit Ann Arbor in January.  He will visit Colordo and ND in December.

  • Stefon Diggs may also visit Ohio State, Michigan or Auburn this weekend.  Info came from a Rivals tweet.

  • 2012 WR Jehu Chesson will visit Iowa on the 16th and then make a decision around the 21st.  His top items are comfort with the coaches and players at the school.   I think Michigan has a great shot at this young man.   It's down to Michigan, Iowa and Northwestern.


uncle ron said...

Are we getting a run around with Dunn or what? I'm now wondering about Yuri Wright also "Colorado", can't believe the two schools are even mentioned in the same breath....just spoutin' off Big Bob.
Sam Grant!! even the name fits, I like it.

Voice of Reason said...

Regarding Sam Grant, you may want to take a quick peek at this article. In researching this guy, he's seems to be a nice player and mostly under the radar. He is the type of player that Hoke likes, i.e., physical, good road grader type blocking TE that excels in the run game and that can average two catches a game. Will he come to Michigan? Who knows!

Voice of Reason said...

The entire link didn't paste well. Try the link below. The article is:

Patience is a key when enduring the college football recruiting storm: Tim Warsinskey's Take

uncle ron said...

Thanks Voice...

Bob said...

Dunn is really confused. I think he really loves OSU but knows Michigan is the better spot for him. We should know a lot after this weekend. I think he will either confirm his commit to OSU or will visit Ann Arbor next week.

Double D said...

Guys, You have to have the coaching staff look into this kid out of New Jersey Brian Regan. Good Rb and a good student.