Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Arnett To Get His Full Release

Per Bruce Feldman, Dooley is going to give DeAnthony Arnett his full release including Michigan and MSU. 

Congratulations to DeAnthony and good health to his family. 


uncle ron said...

Does Arnnett have a former teamate on the Michigan squad?
Now hopefully the NCAA does the right thing for once.
Have fun while your down there Bob, it's a great place.
GO BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 38-17 MICHIGAN......

Bob said...

I don't think so, but I am hearing he has reached out to a ton of U of M guys on the team and in the 2012 class like Shane Morris.

Go Blue!

uncle ron said...

Yea buddy love to hear that sort of thing....Go Blue!

Joe said...

Well Bob, I admit that I stole your sugar bowl picture, but honestly, I hadn't read your preview until after I had completed mine. They are remarkably similar!


P.S. I doubt the picture is proprietary or copyrighted!