Monday, January 2, 2012

Michigan Monday: In The Big Easy

Made it to New Orleans last night looking forward to some site seeing and the game on Tuesday.   Seeing a lot of Maize and Blue down here right now. 

Here are some news and notes from the holiday weekend:

  • Jarrod Wilson, Joe Bolden and Kaleb Ringer are all enrolled at Michigan for the Winter term.  Congratulations to all 3!  Joe is also making news at the UA All American Game practices:  Per Tom Luginbill's Twitter: "ILB Joe Bolden is a PLAYER. Can't teach instincts and he has 'em."

  • Josh Garnett is having fun with the media at the UA game, he is wearing Michigan and Standford gear off and one.

  • Juri Wright "might" announce at the Army game which would mean bad news for the Wolverines, since he hasn't visited yer.  Let's hope that's not the case.

  • The recruiting quiet period is still in effect until 1/3.

  • Dooley is taking a huge PR hit for the Arnett situation, most national college football analysts have chimed in on how poorly he has handled this situation.  The rumor mill is saying that Arnett prefers Michigan but needs a scholarship, he also has to spend at least 1 year at UT before he is able to qualify for a hardship waiver.  The plan is for him to take online classes at UT, which they hope will qualify for being at UT for 1 year.

  • I was a surprised to learn that Barwis didn't follow RR to Arizona.  I guess he is pretty happy running his business.  He will train Mike Martin, Ryan VB, Kevin Koger, and Steve Watson for the NFL Draft. 

  • The team had a 9:30 curfew on New Years Eve and took a paddle boat ride before that.  Fun times!


Voice of Reason said...

It's GREAT that Michigan's early enrollees are outstanding defensive players for a change. I still have Garnett and Wright on my list as committed at this time. A lot could happen in a month but I think they're more "Blue" than any thing else right now. We'll see!

"Silent periods" are like locks, they only keep honest people honest. It doesn't work for the osu's and msu's of the world. "I'm juss sayin..."

Dooley is going to make his future recruiting impossible with his stupidity. Not that I care about what happens to Dooley or UT.

I think Barwis woke up and smelled the coffee. His staying put says a lot. After spending the last three years with RR he's realized that there is no real future with RR. After the Arizona experiment is over, they'll be looking for another job. Barwis has realized that A2 is a good place to end up if you've got no where else to go.

Happy New Year, Go Blue!

Lionman said...

Thanks for the blog, going to the game 2 nite, Section 137. Go Blue!!!