Monday, January 23, 2012

Michigan Monday: Recruiting Weekend Update

Where in the world is Brady Hoke?  He is flying coast to coast trying to wrap up this 2012 class with a couple 4 and 5 star players.

Visit on Saturday:  To Armani Reeves who has made one decision.  He is not going to Penn State and has officially de-committed.   He really enjoyed the visit from Coach Hoke and his mother was really impressed. Armani now has a final 2 schools of Michigan and OSU.  His good friend Carmen Williams changed his schools from Penn State to OSU last week and I am sure that will play a role in his recruitment.  Urban is also going to be home with the Reeves today and Michigan's Ace recruiter Greg Mattison will be Armani's last visitor on Tuesday before he makes a decision.  I expect after the visits Armani will take some time to reflect and then announce his decision.   Armani picked PSU over Michigan this past summer because Michigan was a little late to recruit him.   Michigan has been there now for a long time now and lets hope those relationships mean something to Armani.  Don't forget that academics are very important to Armani and his family and the school "up North" is clearly superior in that category as well.

Visit on Sunday:  Josh Garnett, who is announcing on Thursday hosted Coach Funk and Coach Hoke last night.  Both coaches talked about what it means to be a Michigan Man and how they expect you to represent the University and his family while in Ann Arbor.  That message really resonated with Josh and he will make a tough decision on Thursday between Michigan and Stanford.  Josh is tweeting about how great it would be to be roommates with Erik Magnuson.  Which would seem like a great sign.  Side note: the new Michigan Blog: TreMendous has information and interviews for the above recruits. 

  • Update on Jordan Diamond:  He visited Arkansas this weekend and will visit Wisconsin next weekend.  His final group is Michigan, OSU, Arkansas, Auburn and Wisconsin.  He has delayed his decision date past NSD on 2/3 and will have the Michigan coaches in home with him on Tuesday.

  • Update on Sam Grant:  Sam officially de-committed from BC yesterday and will host Brady Hoke at his home this Thursday.   His recruitment seems to be down to Arkansas, Oklahoma and Michigan.  Sam is on "commitment watch" after Thursday's visit.

  • Update: Coach Hoke and Funk will be in home with Alex Kozan on Saturday.  Alex is down to Michigan, Iowa and Auburn.  Alex lives in Colorado, so distance isn't an issue.

The word on the street is that Caleb Stacey's de-commitment will help Michigan's 2012 class instead of hurting it.   They now have 5 spots available and updates on 5 guys above.  Coincidence?


Voice of Reason said...

Question Bob: Ohio state has 23 commits thus far. In fact, the understanding was that they weren't going to be able to take a full class anyway but yet they are almost up to capacity. How does their sanctions factor into their actual signing numbers?

Mick said...

Yeah Voice, I was thinking the same thing. Those ohio cheaters don't seem to be suffering any repercussions and it makes me ill, I used to respect and root for that program until they played U-M and now I hate them and root for them to lose. It's put a bad taste for me on the rivalry, it doesn't mean as much to me, ohio and Tressel ruined it.

Now they have Urban Myth and he seems like a sneaky liar too, sad.

I hope we can get Kozan, we need a Center in this class and Garnett and Grant and Reeves and maybe a QB for depth. Go Blue!!!

Bob said...

Good questions: Per the CBUS Dispatch:

Because of NCAA sanctions, the Buckeyes can have no more than 82 players on scholarship for each of the next three seasons; the usual maximum is 85. A check of the updated roster on the school’s website late last week showed 62 returnees who originally were scholarship players.

Quick math would indicate that the Buckeyes already are three over at the moment, but now is where the juggling, shuffling and bookkeeping will start to come into play. That’s because in this numbers game, the key day will be the first day of preseason practice in August.

BHB: Meyer has already kicked some kids off the team and expect a couple more before practice starts in August to get to his magic number.

uncle ron said...

So I guess what your saying is that any kid thinking about joining Ohio this year should really think about it because they could be one of those kids forced out for a better kid in the near future by Meyer....what a bunch of nice guys they have down there.

Bob said...

Those are the SEC rules. Most of the time they do it by oversigning, now Meyer is doing it to stay complaint with the NCAA. Which I guess is the same thing.

One the other hand, If Reeves is smart, they really might not have the room for him. :-)

Anonymous said...

Both Rivals and Scout are predicting Garnett to Stanford and they are 50/50 on Reeves with Ohio having the slight edge do to a cousin and friend playing for them. They had Diamond going blue as well but that was it. I don't see the fascination with Ohio and Meyer it is crazy but either way Michigan will dominate them.

uncle ron said...

Those who come will be CHAMPIONS IN LIFE, Those who stay will be CHAMPIONS....period.

uncle ron said...

Those who come will be CHAMPIONS IN LIFE, Those who stay will be CHAMPIONS....period.

uncle ron said...

Whoops sorry about that guys, didn't know how to delete the second one.