Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Michigan Tuesday: Coffee is For Closers

Coffee is for Closers and the Michigan coaches are drinking Tea right now.    Don't get me wrong the Michigan coaches have put together a very good top 10 class.   With that said, they have laid an egg down the stretch.    Michigan had 5 top prospects they were after in the last few weeks and have been shutout with one prospect still announcing this Friday.   

The only positive side was a late visit and commitment for a Ohio DE/DT Willie Henry yesterday (well sort of, Willie is announcing today but his coach/Ted Ginn Sr. told Sam Webb from Scouts that he has committed to Michigan)

Thoughts on Armani Reeves and Sam Grant:

Armani wanted to play with his best friend so it was hard to second guess his decision.   It also seems that the NCAA's loss of scholarships won't hurt OSU because they will just cut players to make room for the players they want.   The Columbus Dispatch reported that OSU was full before Armani committed and they are also recruiting other players for this years class.   Urban learned a few tricks at Florida and brought those to Columbus.

Sam Grant picked Oklahoma over Michigan on Monday.   That was a surprise decision for many reasons; 1) Michigan was much closer to home 2) he has a 5 star teammate coming to Ann Arbor in Kyle Kalis 3) Oklahoma has 3 other TE's in the 2012 class  4) Michigan is higher rated school academically.   A head scratcher for sure.

Chris Muller who was 50/50 between Rutgers and Michigan is sticking with Rutgers because they tried to go out and hire a hot young coach from Florida International but they couldn't come to terms with him on a contract, so they made a rushed decision and gave the job to their offensive line coach.  Seems like a desperate move to keep the recruiting class together. 

Michigan has lost a ton of coin flips this week.

Signing Day at the Big House Blog:

I will be doing my regular Signing Day Event here tomorrow.  I will list all the LOI's as they hit the fax machines at Schembechler Hall.  I will also update any NSD changes for Michigan and other national schools.

This is the largest traffic day for this site, so please feel free to visit often.  I will be doing posts early in the morning to late in the afternoon.    BHB will be your spot for all your Michigan NSD News.


uncle ron said...

Thanks Big Bob, I know this will be a long day for you, just wanted to let you know we appreciate all that you do for us....

Bob said...

Thanks UR!

uncle ron said...

...anybody hear about a name surprise for tommorow, maybe at TE?

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don't have a name yet