Sunday, January 29, 2012

Quick Wolverine Weekend Update

Armani Reeves to OSU

Alex Kozan to (Twitter is saying) Auburn  Iowa.

Jordan Diamond enjoyed his visit to Wisconsin.

Sam Grant could announce at any time.

Monty Madaris to MSU.


uncle ron said...

What the heck is that Bob??

Anonymous said...

Michigan is getting completely destroyed by Urban in recruiting. I don't think we get Kozan or Diamond and will end up banking all but 1 of the available Scholarships left this year. It is a load of crap that Meyer was able to recruit while Fickle coached the bowl game but no excuses Urban is embarrassing Hoke and company right now.

Chucky Gruden said...

Chris, this is the same bull..t you posted on mgorecruit.blogspot. gtfo !

Anonymous said...

i tried to delete it but it wouldn't let me. However, it is ok for a fan to get frustrated and respond poorly on occasion it happens. I think it is funny that people think it is only ok if your opinion is exactly what there's is. I am a huge fan but i call it like i see it and sometimes i change my mind after the initial frustration but i have a right to my opinion.

Chucky Gruden said...

Alright , Chris - my bad. Sorry, it's frustrating for most !