Monday, January 30, 2012

Willie Henry Goes Blue

1-4?  Willie Henry a 3 star DT/DE committed to Michigan today.   Willie was sort of a surprise for Wolverine Recruiting fans.  He visited Ann Arbor this weekend and picked the Wolverines today.

Willie is 6'3 around 275 pounds DT/DE from Glenville out of Ohio.  He has offers from Pitt, Syracuse, Cincy, Hawaii and a number of MAC schools.  (Can't remember the last time we were in a recruiting battle with Hawaii) Willie is a 3 star prospect to Rivals and Scouts.

I'm glad we got another DE/DT in this class and it's  always good to get another recruit from the talent rich Glenville.   Sure I would have loved to have landed Garnett, Reeves, Kozan or Grant but maybe our bad steak is over with Willie's commitment.


uncle ron said...

Our coaching staff will make him a 5 star before you can blink your eyes 3 times...Yea Buddy GO BLUE!!!

Voice of Reason said...

I also like this pick up. Henry may not be one of those "sexy" signings, because he is a raw talent, but he has character, energy and he maybe a diamond in the rough. Did you see him run down a player? That shows me something. With what he has, I think the announcers will be calling his name out quite often in the future.