Friday, February 3, 2012

Michigan Friday: The Big Ten Big 2

We all remember the days when it was Michigan and Ohio State fighting for the Big Ten Championship every year.  Last year OSU was done and the 3 years before that Michigan was done.   So we really haven't seen the two fighting for the Big 10 Championship since the #1 met #2 and the day after Bo died.  

Both OSU and Michigan new head coaches and both men can recruit.   Michigan and Brady Hoke had a head started on Urban Meyer but Urban made up some time and took advantage of Penn State programs being upside down at the moment.   Both programs are waiting on a couple of high profile guys to finish their 2012 class but it is clear already that Michigan and OSU signed the top classes in the Big Ten both teams have top 10 classes nationally.   Let's use Scouts as an example of how the Big Ten did:

#3 OSU
#4 Michigan
#36 MSU
#39 Iowa
#48 Northwestern
#49 Penn State
#50 Nebraska
#51 Purdue
#52 Indiana
#62 Wisconsin
#67 Minnesota
#69 Illinois

Wisconsin and Nebraska can out recruit Penn State when their program is a complete wreck and their new head coach is still doing another job?  That has to be very disappointing for both programs.   Wisconsin has the #62 class in the country after winning the Big Ten Championship and going to the Rose Bowl?  They are really hoping Diamond puts on a Wisconsin hat tonight.

I know Mark Dantonio in East Lansing loves to talk about what a strong recruiter he is.  Here are a couple of programs that out recruited him:  Cincinnati, Colorado, Rutgers, Kentucky and Utah.  Yikes!  They also had one player sign with the Spartans that was recruited by Michigan.  That player is Aaron Burbridge and that recruitment was a bit iffy due to potential qualification issues. 

  • Jordan Diamond announces tonight at 8:00 est.  The latest buzz is not positive towards Michigan.  It seems Auburn has made a late push.  Auburn could come in and try to grab Diamond and Kozan this weekend.  Insert Cam Newton joke here.  I think Alex might be waiting to see what Jordan does and then could do the opposite.

  • Michigan plays at MSU on Super Bowl Sunday.   I think the Spartans might be ready for this game.   

  • For Michigan fans Sunday's Super Bowl has of course Tom Brady and Zoltan Mesko on New England.  The Giants have David Baas and Mario Manningham.  Tom has struggled against the Giants in the past and they can put pressure on him with their front 4.   Many are picking the Giants in this game, I don't bet against Tommy.   Patriots 28 NY 24  (look out for Chad Johnson deep - this is the classic hasn't done anything during the season and has his best game in the Super Bowl story)


Chucky Gruden said...

Sorry, NEVER. Big Blue won in 2007, last team to beat the Pats this year. History repeats itself. SB win # 4 for the Giants.

Love Brady as he is from the UM Program, however - it's a team, not a individual sport - Watch Tuck & JPP bring it home.

Rob said...

Rivals is posting Diamond is almost an Auburn lock, and if he goes to Auburn, Kozan is Blue.

uncle ron said...

Ya Diamonds been talking to a former Wolverine lately the new OC for Auburn....SL

Chucky Gruden said...

Good luck to Jordan for his decision on Auburn "Cash Money". Hoping for AK to make the wise choice now.