Monday, November 12, 2012

Michigan Monday: It's Better To Be Nebraska, Then Good

I know we shouldn't be throwing stones after Michigan won a game, that looked liked a loss with 3:00 left in the 4th, no timeouts and a first down for Northwestern.  But Nebraska, is on a crazy lucky streak that will have some conspiracy theorist thinking there is some agreement with the Big Ten on getting to the Championship game.

Let's look at Big Red's Big Ten games:

#1:  They win a close, good game at home against Wisconsin. 
#2:  They get rolled in the horseshoe and give up 63 points to Buckeyes.
#3:  Bo Pelini finds a 4 leaf clover before the Northwestern game.   They rally from 12 down in the 4th and win the game after Northwestern's kicker barley misses a long field goal to win.
#4: Nebraska beats Michigan when the Wolverine coaches pick a red shirt freshman to replace an injured Denard Robinson over a Junior 5 star QB with experience that had been playing WR.
#5:  Nebraska goes on the road to East Lansing and wins the game after MSU picked off Taylor Martinez 3 times.  The last pick was the most costly, because a TD return was called back for a personal foul penalty late in the 4th quarter.  Nebraska gets another come from behind win after the game winning drive is kept alive with a terrible pass interference penalty is called on MSU Darqueze Dennard.
#6:  Nebraska hosts Penn State this weekend and both teams play a competitive game.   The game turns late in the 4th quarter on a fumble call by Penn State's TE at the goal line.   The video replay looks to reverse the call and that that the Penn State player gets the ball over the goal line with two hands on the ball before it's knocked out.  Both ABC announcers believe the call will be reversed to give Penn State the lead late in the 4th quarter.   The call isn't reversed and Nebraska goes on to win. 

Nebraska lucky streak continues.  They are not a bad team, but I wonder if they are a "Championship Team" either.  They have Minnesota and Iowa the next two weeks and it looks like they are pretty much a lock to play Wisconsin in Indy for the Big Ten Championship game.

I wonder if the Michigan coaches can sleep at night after not having Gardner prepared to back up Denard all year long.   I'm not saying Michigan would have beat Nebraska after Denard went down, I'm just saying they would of had a chance to.   With that said, I think Michigan will have to play very well to beat the Buckeyes in C-Bus this year.

Penn State believes they won't get a call all year. 

BHB Big Ten Power Rankings

  1. OSU
  2. Nebraska
  3. Michigan
  4. Wisconsin
  5. Northwestern

Recruiting Notes:

  • Leon McQuay III visited this weekend, there hasn't been any visit reaction posted yet.  Expect him to visit USC later this Fall.   Many expect USC to be the front runner.

  • Treadwell tells Rivals that Michigan hasn't been showing him the love lately.   Treadwell recruitment has taken off now that he is ranked the #1 WR to some recruiting services.   At this point, I would not hold my breath on this recruitment.

  • Derrick Green recruitment seems to have a top 3 of Michigan, Tennessee and Auburn.  Tennessee and Auburn are both struggling this year and both coaching staffs are on the hot seat.  Oregon is also recruiting Derrick and they are not struggling but their coach is rumored to be a top candidate for the NFL.   Derrick visited Auburn this past weekend.

  • There was rumored to be a 2014 recruit close to committing this weekend.  That didn't happen but both Parrker Westphal and Bryan Mone had good visits.

Not a Recruiting Note:

I left James Ross off the "Cheers" list yesterday.   I re-watched the game on BTN last night and he played a good game and showed the speed needed against the Northwestern skill position players.   Cam Gordon on the other hand, had a tough day.

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