Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Michigan Tuesday: That's a Clown Move Coach

Many football fans were surprised to see respected coach Pat Fitzgerald, celebrate after a personal foul went against Michigan on Saturday.  The response was surprisingly joyful for a penalty that resulted in a first down.    If you didn't see it, Mgoblog mocks him appropriately in the below GIF:

Here is Pat's quote on his "Price is Right" jump: 

"Our tone and our attitude on the boundary wasn't very good," Fitzgerald explained Monday. "It got pretty negative, we had some stuff go against us. So as a motivator, you've got a couple options. Sometimes, you've got to be a disciplinarian. Sometimes, you've got to be a guy who's going to give somebody a hug and be there. And sometimes you've got to be a clown and a knucklehead.

"I'm a really good knucklehead. I pride myself in that."

Well done coach.  Enjoy that "Brand New Car!"

  • I'm not sure if anyone has noticed but Michigan has a brand new updated Crisler Arena Center and a top 5 team that is putting up a ton of points (100 & 91).   They play again tonight against Cleveland State.  Please go out and support them!  They might be the best team on the court in Ann Arbor since the Fab 5.   If your not in A2, they play on ESPN 2 at 8:00.

  • There are sources saying that under the new playoff model the Big Ten Champ (if not in the top 4 playoffs and when the Rose Bowl is included) will play in the Fiesta, Cotton or Chick-fil-A.

  • Leon McQuay is playing his recruitment close to the vest.   He seemed to really enjoy himself in Ann Arbor.  He hung with Jack Kennedy at his apartment until 2 AM cutting tracks.  He told Sam Webb that he loved everything about Ann Arbor and U of M, including the Music School.  When asked if Michigan was he leader? LMIII laughed and said he wouldn't answer that.   He still has a visit planned for USC, so don't expect a decision anytime soon.

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