Friday, January 25, 2013

Michigan Friday: Dusts Off The Rust

The Purdue Basketball Team this year has a loss to Eastern Michigan on their record.  So you can say they were already 0-1 in Washtenaw County already this season.   Michigan is ranked #2 in the nation and the Boilermakers were nearly a 17 point underdog heading into Crisler last night. 

Well something happened on the way to the blow out.  Purdue decided to make the trip and play some basketball.  They got out to a small early lead and even lead at half time.   A potential upset in the making.   That upset seemed very possible 5 minutes into the second half until GR3 start hitting 3's and Michigan's defense started to locked Purdue down.   Which lead to a 68-53 win for the Wolverines.  

One thing I always look for in college basketball teams is how hard they play when as a team they are not playing well.  It's sort of like golf, on Friday you could shoot a 73 and make every putt you look at.  On Saturday, you can't hit a fairway and miss every 5 foot putt on a way to a 90.    Saturday is a different day and you show up with a different game.    Basketball can be the same way, there are days when you can't miss a 3 point shot and there are other days where you can't throw the ball in the ocean from the beach.    Michigan played terrible at OSU and still had a chance to win with a few seconds left.   Michigan had a week off and was pretty rusty last night.   They shook it off and played hard in the second half and won the game.   That is what good teams do.  

GR3 in response to Painter's mistake in not recruiting him:   "(Purdue) was a part of my early recruitment, but I think I made a great decision to come here. I love it here, great coaching staff and great teammates and everything has worked out perfectly for me," Robinson said. "No hard feelings. I know a couple things being said about Coach Painter not recruiting me, but it's nothing like that."

  • Derrick Green will announce tomorrow at 4:00 EST.  Three hats on the table:  Michigan, Auburn and Tennessee.

  • Detnews article on Michigan verbal commitment Da'Mario Jones.

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