Thursday, January 24, 2013

Michigan Thursday: BHB Bullets

  • Denard has been having a hard time catching a few passes at the Senior Bowl.   He really hasn't ever been a WR, so catching the ball and running routes is probably not a strength at this point.

  • Denard did meet with the Jets at the Senior Bowl.

  • I don't know if anyone has noticed but USC has been receiving a ton of de-commitments lately.   They had 5 guys enroll early and only 8 other guys committed.  There are also a ton of rumors around Ty Isaac and ND.

  • The flip side of that story is Texas A&M who has a total of 31 commits.  Out of that 31, 8 guys have enrolled early.  

  • Michigan plays Purdue tonight at Crisler.  This will be GR3's first chance to play the school where his father became a legend.    Painter gives the reason he didn't sign the 5 star player:  "We recruited him, and we actually ran out of scholarships," Painter told reporters Monday during a teleconference. "We really liked him, he was a good player, he really made strides from his sophomore to junior year (of high school). ... He's a great kid. He's really worked hard. He has a good feel and knows how to play. "I obviously played college basketball with his dad, but it never really matriculated to that point."   I would keep going with the "we ran out of scholarships thing" that really works.  If Braylon's brother lights it up for The Golden Gophers,  Brady Hoke can go with the same line.

  • TE Durham Smythe is considering Stanford, ND and Michigan.  Stanford just lost their OC to the Indianapolis Colts. 

  • Funny thought of the day:  Brandon "reportedly" offered the Michigan job to 3 guys when he fired RR.  John Harbaugh, Jim Harbaugh and Brady Hoke.   2 of the 3 are coaching in the Super Bowl next week.   For those that are wondering, I don't believe he ever offered the job to Les Miles.  That meeting was set up as a façade so Brandon could cover his bases and Miles could get another raise.   He flew to LSU after spending a bunch of time in California.  He had already made his decision.

  • It seems Brady's brother Jon is still employed by the Chicago Bears as a DB coach.   Who just hired new head coach Marc Trestman from the CFL.   I'm sure Curt Mallory hopes Trestman doesn't mess with the defensive coaches. (Curt is Michigan's secondary coach)

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