Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Michigan Tuesday: Rumor Mill: Biff and Henry

National Signing Day is the highest traffic day here at the Big House Blog.   I wake up early and list all the LOI's that are sent to Ann Arbor. 

Some years we wait for decisions like Denard Robinson, Sean Parker or Demar Dorsey.   Other years we have LOI drama and why hasn't arrived yet like Sam McGuffie having second thoughts.   Exciting stuff, this year not so much.   Michigan has 27 commits for the 2013 class and it seems there won't be too much signing day drama.   Then a boy visited Alabama and it could or couldn't be something. 

Biff Poggi is the father of 2013 Michigan Commit and DT Henry Poggi, Biff is also the football coach for The Gilman School near Baltimore.  There have been many reports that Biff was heading down to Alabama for some business and to visit some of his former players.   Henry was going to tag along.   There have also been reports that Biff is a big fan of the SEC and how those coaches recruit. 

So as you might imagine, the Internet is spinning on what might be happening with this visit/non-visit for Henry.   I will try to give you two options and then you can make a decision if there is something to worry about or not.  

Option #1:  A Michigan coach visited Henry last week and Greg Mattson is expected to visit on Wednesday.  There were reports that Biff spoke with Brady Hoke on Friday and everyone excepts Henry at Michigan next fall.   The trip was just a business trip and had nothing to do with Henry checking out Bama  or having cold feet regarding Ann Arbor. 

Option #2:  Saban has about 5 spots left in the class and in on a few big time DT recruits like Eddie Vanderdoes.   Saban spent last weekend talking to and looking at a bunch of other DT's.  Henry could be a back up plan if some of these top guys don't go to Alabama.    Which could lead to a signing day flip for Henry from Michigan to Alabama.  Some folks that follow recruiting closely could say, "Henry has had a Bama offer for a long time, if he was going to flip why didn't he do it a long time ago?".  Many believe Bama was offering Henry as a tight end, not a DT.  Henry wants to play DT. 

You make the call.  Many insiders believe Option 1 is the closest to the truth but we all know how recruiting takes some wild twists and turns as National Signing Day approaches.   With Greg Mattison in home tomorrow,  I expect this might not be a story after his visit with Biff and Henry.   I also wonder if Biff would burn bridges with one of the top programs in the country.  

  • How lucky did ESPN get with GameDay at IU this weekend for #1 Michigan visiting #3 Indiana?  Should be a great game! 


Blue-blooded said...

Its hard not to get caught up in the star ratings of recruits and the drama of signing day. As much as I'd love to see a big splash, like a Treadwell signing day flip to BLUE... Remember Mike Hart was a little known 3 star recuit from upstate New York, while guys like boubacar cissoko and kelly baraka were sought after 5 star busts... GO BLUE!

Lionman said...

We've got a solid class that spells NC in a few years, and it all starts with the QB play -- all 5 of our losses this year was due to INT's, so let's be grateful for our committs and those who want to be BLUE!