Monday, February 11, 2013

Michigan Monday: Bad News Travels Fast

How about that Wisconsin game?  I actually didn't see it but I saw the lowlights.

BHB reader JD writes:

This is the 2nd time that Beilein has lost a game due to very bad strategy. OSU and now Wisc because he won't put someone on the ball on the baseline. You can't give a player, Evan Turner, Ben Brust momentum towards the basket with a pHss that allows that. he expects the players to learn from mistakes, when will he. I like him as a coach but this loss was really BAD. I thought everyone learned from Patino's mistake against Duke.

I don't know the X&O's of basketball well enough to say which is the better strategy, but here are my thoughts.   That shot is probably a 1-150 to go in at the buzzer which puts the odds in Michigan's favor, but now it's happen twice to Michigan in high profile games.  I think it's hard to guard the shooter too closely because you are concerned about fouling him and sending him to the line for 3 shots. 

Fouling the player, sends the shooter to the line and there is a chance for a rebound and a put back.  I believe Michigan had three fouls to give, so fouling to use time is a decent option.   You have to be careful where you do it, you don't want to do in near mid court and give them an easier inbounds play.

I agree with JD, put a man on the inbounds play which will restrict a long throw and a few free seconds.   The Wisconsin player caught the ball close to mid court.   Make Wisconsin throw a short pass and dribble for really long shot.

The team needs to re-group for MSU at East Lansing on Tuesday.  It's hard to win on the road in the Big Ten.

  • New Report from JoPa's family said the Freeh report was not correct.   Here is how I see it.  If the Penn State Program were the Soprano's Joe Paterno would  = Tony Soprano.  Joe never let information out about the program.  It didn't matter what type of information it was.  Players were dismissed for no "public" reason, when players got in trouble with the law, Joe handled it internally.   He kept his program on constant lock down.  I don't know, who knew what and when, but they should of known about Sandusky and they acted like a kid stole a book from the college store.

  • One of the best players in the state of Michigan in the 2014 class  Lawrence Marshall (DE) committed to OSU on Sunday.   I guess this is how Urban Meyer feels when Michigan goes into Ohio and takes their best players.   

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Blue-blooded said...

it was painful to watch... with three fouls to give, and 2.6 seconds, there should NEVER have been a shot taken.... and yes, not allowing an inbounds pass to be taken with the player moving toward the basket is a cardinal rule.
On the plus side, all three Michigan losses happened when they played well below their ability and the opponent played to the top of their ability... and all three games were a one basket differential. When we play to our potential, I don't think there's a team in NCAA that wants anything to do with us. Lets hope we can bring it for the rest of the schedule.