Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Day After NSD

The tree is still up and the presents are opened but still under the tree.  As you look at the tags for the sweater your mom bought you but it 2 sizes too small.   It's time to do a quick re-cap of the day.  

How is that for a re-cap?

You have to love this class.  It was bookended by two 5 star offensive guys in Morris and Green.  It easily has the best offensive line class in the nation when most guys all jumped on board in one magical weekend.   Michigan added depth at DB and LB and might have some good players on the defensive line.   I think the biggest question marks are the WR's in York, Dukes and Jones.    All have the size the coaches were looking for and we are doing pretty well with under rated guys out of Columbus lately (Duke).   Jones also became a pretty highly recruited late prospect in January as more major programs started to take notice of his tape.

How did Michigan finish in the rankings?

Scout #2
Rivals #5
24/7 #5

ESPN and 24/7 have Green as a 4 star and marked down Morris after the UA game.  Scout has both Morris and Green as 5 star players.

  • I wonder how Bret Bielema is liking Arkansas?  Here is a story about a Mom in Florida that doesn't what her son to play for Bret and won't sign the LOI.

  • USC struggles to the finish with 3 de-commits right before signing day.  They signed a class of 12 players.  One of the reasons many thought Lane got another year at USC was due to the strong recruiting class that blew up at the finish line.

There isn't a ton out there on new 2014 Michigan QB commit Wilton Speight here is some info for your pleasure:

  • Coach Jeff Hecklinski watched him go through some throwing drills last Friday.
  • He is 6'6 and 227 pounds.
  • Wilton recently visited U of M
  • Wilton lost his Jr. season due to a shoulder injury and got to re-classify for the 2014 class.
  • He would prefer to enroll next January but needs to work it out with his school.  You would think that shouldn't be an issue with an extra year in HS.
  • He is not ranked by any service yet, which is not uncommon this early.
  • From watching the below video, he seems to have a short compact throwing motion,  (its a highlight tape) but he seems to throw an accurate ball.   I also like his athleticism for a 6'6 guy.


d_ronii said...

We were about to celebrate having the (scout) #1 recruiting class in the nation then Urban ended that by dropping a turd at our party . I really don't like Urban Meyer

maize n blue blood said...

Signee Reon Dawson says even though he's going to MICHIGAN, he's a buckeye for life.
This concerns me because if a game vs ohio is on the line and he's in, will he let them win if it comes his way? I'm not sure if we need this guy wearing maize n blue. It's like having a fox in the hen house. The coaches should keep a close eye on him. Reon Dawson aka sabotage