Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Instant Reaction

Congrats to Louisville


Spike was amazing
Hardaway wasn't good enough
Burke did all he could
GR3 played well
Nik didn't get enough looks
McGary played like McGary

I can't believe the guy with the beard and the lanky center beat us tonight.  Throw in Spike and it looked like Saturday morning at the YMCA.  It was a fun game to watch but I'm not sure there was a ton of good basketball played tonight.  Sloppy on both sides and some very questionable calls from the officials.

I wonder if Louisville plays good defense or should be arrested for assault. 

The officials were borderline terrible.  It started with the miss goal tending in the first minutes and ended with the block Burke had that they called a foul.  The officials let go way too much hand checking on our ball handlers and missed some clear fouls when guys hit the floor.   Burke got fouled on a lay up they called on the floor.  The beard was spinning towards the basket and was passing and got to go to the line.  If these guys are the best the NCAA has it doesn't say much about the quality of the officials nationwide.  The Michigan shooters were hit or knocked down after every shot.

Michigan gave up way too many lay ups and didn't get enough defensive stops.  That is the #1 reason they lost the game.  The second half was the Kansas game without the collapse.

Last point, with all that said, if Michigan hits more free throws maybe the game is much closer.

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Scott K said...

The officials were horrible, but i always tell my kids, "you don't get footnote mentioning the quality of officiating, you get a win or a loss". You still have to win, good calls and bad calls.. We lost because we didn't rebound and missed free throws.... I wish Trey worked harder at spreading it around. Some second half 3's from Tim Jr, Nicki Flash or GRIII would have been a momentum changer... instead Trey was too hell bent on driving and drawing fouls... Which was working, but left Louisville only having to defend one player for the last 5 minutes.
Now the long wait until August.

Great season boys, GO BLUE!