Friday, April 19, 2013

Michigan Friday: Next Years Basketball Team Taking Shape

Michigan has lost two starters to the NBA and two have stayed.   With three recruits coming in and more guys expected to fill walk-on roles.

So what does the starting line-up look like next year?

Point: Spike or True freshman Derrick Walton

Shooting Guard Nik Stauskas

Small Forward:  GR3

Power Forward:  Mitch McGary

Center:  Jordan Morgan

I could also see a line-up that was similar to this years where they would play Nik, Zak Irvin, GR3 and McGary as the low post threat.   I consider MM more of a power forward then a true 5 but he can play both for sure.   It seems Michigan has 3 players in GR3, Nik and Irvin that could play the 2 or 3 positions on the floor.  

I also like the possibility of playing big with a combination of  2  guys from the following group of McGary, Morgan, Horford, Bielfeldt and Donnal on the floor at the same time.  I think you need to be able to play BIG sometimes in the Big Ten.

Michigan has also offered another famous fathers' son.  They have offered a preferred walk-on role to Dan Dakich's son Andrew Dakich who is a 2013 point guard out of Indiana.   Andrew has played AAU against Michigan recruits Zak Irvin and Mark Donnal.   Dan is a color guy for EPSN College Basketball, an AAU coach, former Indiana player and head coach. 

Michigan's 2014 WR recruiting could get very interesting very soon!  Michigan has just extended an offer to In-state player Maurice Ways from Country Day.  There are 3 WR spots open in this class and Maurice is expected to grab a spot now that he has an offer.   With Drake on board and Maurice looking likely to jump soon, it only leaves one spot and 3 or 4 WR prospects looking very seriously at Michigan.   Those names include:  Artavis Scott, Corey Holmes and KJ Williams.    

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