Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Michigan Tuesday: Recruiting Blitz, More Spring Thougths and a new Walk-On

Heart, Love and Tears out to the people injured in the Boston Marathon bombing yesterday.

A couple thoughts that I left off the Spring Game break down yesterday:

  • Jeremy Jackson looks like a nice possession receiver in the fall.
  • Delonte Hollowell I thought played well.  He hasn't really sniffed playing time and looked like a nice option for next season.  He is a better match-up against smaller quick slot type of receivers.
  • I don't believe Dymonte Thomas will get a red shirt and looks to be the leader at nickel.
  • Lots of talk about Jake Ryan being back around October.  I rather wait and see after the summer then to speculate on a time table right now.   It would be great if it happened.

Now on to some recruiting updates:

Michigan recruiting is heating up with only 11-12 spots left in this class.   The reason being is, Michigan might only being taking one guy at your position and you might need to make a decision sooner rather then later. 

  • 5 star DB Jabrill Peppers has Michigan #1 right now.  He has always been high on Michigan but is a California  New Jersey kid and Stanford will give Michigan a good race for his services.

  • 5 star Da'Shawn Hand (#1 player in the nation) has Michigan near the top in his recruitment.  He has his home town Virginia Tech is #1 and Michigan a close 2.   Mr. Hand is expected back to Ann Arbor for the ND game. 

  • Mason Cole's HS teammate FL WR Artavis Scott was back in Ann Arbor for the spring game and feeling comfortable.  Most insiders expect Scott to stay closer to home in Florida.

  • 4 star TE from IL Daniel Helm thought about committing last weekend.  He told 24/7 “I’m not 100 percent of my timetable,” Helm said. “Michigan is only taking one tight end and Tennessee is only taking two tight ends and they already have one, so there are some options that are closing and that’s weighing on my timetable.”

Michigan has the luxury to wait for some of these top guys to make decisions.  The likes of Peppers and Hand will have a longer rope then some of the others.   Michigan is expected to take 3 WR's in this class and with Harris in the class that number is now 2.   One guy that really doesn't talk about his recruitment much is MI DE Malik McDowell who seems to be spending more and more time in Ann Arbor.   I believe the top 3 players instate are Harris, McDowell and OSU commit Damon Webb who seems solid with the Buckeyes.

Walk-on Alert!:   Local Boy Gabriel Richard WR/DB Blaise Stearns will join the 2013 recruiting class at Michigan.  He is 6'2 200 pounds and could fit nicely into a bigger DB or WR role in the future. 


Anonymous said...

Jabrill Peppers is a New Jersey kid...not a California kid.

Bob said...

You are right, thank you!