Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring Game Thoughts

MVP goes to the fans that attended the game in that weather.  If Mother Nature could behave, Mott would make a lot more money. 

Now to the practice:

Big Trouble at Back-up QB: This is not a knock on Cleary but he is not ready to be the starting QB at Michigan if Devin goes down.  He is a red-shirt freshman and he is about where he should be in his development.   I don't expect Shane to have a Chad Henne type of Summer/Fall where he is ready to play as a true freshman, which means Michigan is in trouble unless they can find that grad school transfer who has experience and is willing to be a back-up.  (Most guys that transfer want to start)

Best Players on Offense:  Just talking skill positions here, we all know Taylor Lewan is in this group.  Devin Gardner looks comfortable running the offense and throwing the ball to Gallon.   I expect big plays early and often from this Duo. 

When is Green and Smith getting here?  Yes, Thomas Rawls looked decent, but I think it's clear the starting job at RB won't be settled until Green and Smith get on campus and Fitz is 100%.  Also, please use Norfleet on plays where he can use his skills in the open field.  If he improves his pass protection he could be Vincent Smith with speed.  (Do not run him into the line on 1st down)

Really like our defense:  I think this Michigan Defense will be young, athletic and fast next Fall.   I love guys like James Ross and now think Cam Gordon can fill in nicely for Jake Ryan at the SAM.   I also noticed the young guys like Taco and Douglass on the field.   Taco has a huge upside with that frame, he seems like he has a D1 body already!  The Spring hype on Frank Clark also seems to be legit.  With Mattison coaching this squad the upside with this talent is unlimited. 

Loaded at TE:  My goodness the Michigan coaches have done a great job at recruiting TE's the last 3 years.  Funchess is a walking mismatch, AJ Williams looks lighter and caught a ball and Jake Butt doesn't look like a guy that should still be in high school after catching a TD pass.   These guys will give D-Coordinators nightmares next Fall.

The O-Line was Up and Down:  At times they looked good, others they didn't.  Starting the practice with a safety wasn't the best sign.  Other times, they gave Devin a good pocket and let him look down field.  I believe Taylor will lead this group through the Summer and get them where they need to be by late August.

The spring game is about not showing your 2013 schedule too much and letting your guys get a feel for playing in the Big House.  I enjoyed watching the back-ups late in the scrimmage and I think the defense stood out as the best unit on the field all day.   I think Michigan will have a better pass rush this year and hopefully our DB's will play well with "The Count" coming back for Fall Camp.

I love Denard Robinson, but mark my words.  Devin has a much higher ceiling as a QB that could lead Michigan to a Big Ten title if he stays healthy.  He has a rocket arm and looks to be throwing the ball accurately.  Mix in a few scrambles for first downs, a good running game, and a deep threat.   Look Out!   Having him for another two years is huge! 

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Voice of Reason said...

I think the defense being ahead of the offense is usually par for the course especially when you have so many new positions on offense. However, I think that with them playing against a pretty good defense in practice will help them to face good defenses in the fall. If they get past ND I believe they'll be on their way for a decent showing in the B10.