Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wolverine Wednesday: Will They Stay or Will They Go?

Trey Burke has already raised his hand and has made his intentions known that he is heading to the NBA.   As the projected #6 pick and sweeping all the National Awards, it was pretty much a no brainer. 

Three other Wolverines have decisions to make and it will be difficult decision for all 3.  Here is what some of the NBA experts have to say:

GR3:  I was surprised to see how highly ranked Glenn Robinson III is projected in the NBA draft.   ESPN Chad Ford has him going #15 and has him projected at #11.   NBA teams would be drafting him on athletic ability and upside rather then his work to date.  GR3 has a huge upside but I believe he needs at least another year in college to become a better shooter and rebounder.   How good would he have been this year, if he didn't have Trey Burke feeding him for those dunks.   I don't know what their financial situation is but I expect they are still ok from Big Dog's NBA contracts.

Mitch McGary:  Was the sweetheart of March Madness and is on record a couple of times saying he is staying at Michigan.   What would change his mind?  Maybe his NBA Draft ranking; Chad Ford has him #12 and has him #19.   Really NBA?  I think Mitch needs  more work and yes, his stock is rising but it's hard to believe he is ready for the NBA.  The flip side is,  he is already 20 years old and not your typical freshman in age.    Mitch, stay is school work with Bacari Alexander and you will be a big time prospect next year.

Tim Hardaway, Jr.:  Might have the toughest decision of them all.  He will be a senior next year and had an up and down junior campaign.  He didn't have a very good tournament run and really didn't show well in the championship game.   ESPN doesn't have him in the first round and has him at the end of round one at #25.   In an ironic twist, ESPN has Glen Rice Jr. ahead of Tim at #28.  Glen was thrown off Georgia Tech and has been playing in the D-league and is eligible to be in the draft this year.   I don't believe you turn pro to be a second round draft pick but on the other hand he is going to be a senior next year.   Update: Tim is expected to announce his decision today at 3pm.  One point I failed to make is, Tim's dad is an NBA scout and they should have plenty of "inside" information" on where he could go and which teams might be a good fit.  Tim, Sr. might also be a good resource for GR3 and MM to talk to as well.   Update 3:10:  HE GONE

I think it's a tough call for all these guys.  I was surprised to see how high GR3 and MM were rated.  I'm sure most agree they both could use another year in college but it's a weak draft and they are "named players" and could be drafted higher this year then a normal year with more talent in the draft.   Burke stayed another year and it paid off big for him.    Hardaway is different situation, if you were drafting him, which skill would you call "NBA worthy?".   To be frank, I don't see one.  He is too streaky a shooter and doesn't have strong ball handling skills.    I think he can be a great shooter but right now he hasn't proven it on a consistent basis. 

Good luck guys and if your borderline on your decision, just stay in school.   Don't forget what Webber said after playing awhile in the NBA, that he missed playing college basketball and he wished he had stayed at Michigan.

Stay in school, there is plenty of time for you to make your "paper" in the NBA.  Deadline is the 28th of this month.

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Scott K said...

Who the H3ll is Chad Ford, the AD at Indiana, or that school in ohio?
Seriously, GRIII and Big Mitch have huge potential, but looking 'good' in the NCAA equates to being on the low end of ok in the NBA.. Without another year or two of Div I ball, I don't buy either of them even landing on a NBA roster.

It would be great for us if Tim Jr. stuck it out another season...

Anyone drafted has to perform, so going in a weak class, to get a higher pick, when you aren't ready to go and compete on that level, is pretty short sighted. Lets hope our Big Mitch and GRIII are smart enough to figure that out and aren't listening to the yo yo that's calling them first round picks.
Good luck Trey, Stay put Tim, Go Blue!