Friday, May 24, 2013

Michigan Friday: Wilton Highlights from Elite 11 Camp

I'm not a QB guru by any means but I think he needs to work on this throwing motion some. It looks a little compact and he might need to come over the top more. But what do I know?

  • OSU took a LB commitment from Dante Booker yesterday.  Does this mean anything for Chase Winovich?  We will see.  He is expected to visit Pitt this weekend and then make a decision in the next couple of weeks.

  • Peppers Announcement on ESPNU at 5:15PM EST on Sunday.   He is the #2 player in the nation to Rivals and ESPN.  Fingers crossed.

  • ND paid the Kansas head coach and Brian Kelly last year.   What's funny is the Kansas head man (Charlie Weis) got paid more, Kansas was 1-11 and ND made it to the BCS Title Game.  Good Time Charlie will be getting nearly $19M for not working at ND any longer.  Now that's a good gig!  If anyone is interested in paying me $2M + a year for not working for you (or working for you!) please drop me an email.


Scott K said...

Mechanics are coachable.... as long as he's not a forcier/headcase...
Speight's throwing motion didn't look real consistant in the video, but we only saw a few reps... his motion looked more smooth than tebow's... lol

Bob said...

You got that right!

Have a good holiday weekend everyone!

Be Pepper on Sunday late afternoon!