Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wolverine Wednesday: Hits The Links

  • A good story about Michigan's new point guard Derrick Walton.  He is already talking to Trey:  “I talked to him a couple days ago,” Walton told GoBlueWolverine. “He was just telling me a few things that’ll help my transition going into college. He basically just told me to be ready for whatever is thrown at me and be ready to grow up quick. Basically, be ready to run the team at a young age and dedicate myself to getting better everyday.”

  • Speaking of next years team:   ESPN recently updated their ranking and all 3 Michigan recruits are now in the top 100 and Zak Irvin is a 5 star player.

  • Dave also debunks things about the Michigan Athletic Department.  Pretty boring questions, I would have gone with questions like:   Did you offer the head coaching job to Les Miles?  Did Tate Forcier fail out of school or transfer?  How close was either Harbaugh brother to taking the Michigan job?  Reports are that you had decided to fire RR on December 1st but didn't do it until after the Bowl Game, why wait and do you think Jim Harbaugh would have come to Michigan if you had offered him on 12/1?  What was the upside of playing Alabama in Dallas?  Do you like how Big Al ran the offense with Denard?

  • Mgoblog ranks Michigan's class #1 in the Big Ten right now.  A couple of surprises:  Rutgers has 8 commits and ranked #3, Indiana has zero 2014 commits.

  • Does Justin Blackmon suspension get Denard on the field quicker next year?  Of course we don't know how the Jaguars are going to use him yet.

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