Friday, July 12, 2013

Michigan Friday: 2014 RB Recruiting Heating Up

We all know about Lenoard Fournette's potential quick stop to Ann Arbor this weekend and probably an official visit during the year.  

Now comes word that NJ RB Jonathan Hilliman is planning to make it to BBQ later this month.  Jonathan is a 3 star prospect with a 5 star offer list which includes:  Alabama, OSU, Florida, Oregon, Wisconsin, Georgia, Arkansas, Michigan, Stanford and many others.   He is been pretty open that Ohio State leads but anything can happen when you get a kid on campus.  Since he is paying for this trip "out of his pocket" I assume he is somewhat serious in U of M.

Colorado RB Kalen Ballage is also going to try to make it up for the BBQ. 

Michigan has room for maybe 1 RB spot in this class.  With 3 guys in the 2013 class (Green, Smith, & Shallman) and many strong prospects in the 2015, RB in 2014 is not a huge need but a position that the coaches like to have at least one every year.

- Thanks to a reader of Mgoblog, here is a photo of Devin getting in some work at Payton Manning's passing camp this weekend.  You have to love all the work and coaching Devin is getting this summer.

-One of things I like to keep an eye on, is how RR is doing at Arizona a clear "Basketball School".  This is a perfect place for RR and his offensive system (pun intended).   In Arizona, they will build him a statue if they make the New Mexico Bowl every year and upset a top PAC 12 team every 3 or 4 years.

This article from Grantland, had a few quotes that really sum up RR and his coaching style.   Brian from Mgoblog loved this quote:

"Well, I hear a lot of times people say 'Oh, we gotta have a guy that's a game manager,' and I don't know what that is."   Yea, RR we know you don't. 

This is the quote, I like better.  It sounds familiar for some reason:  "We knew we were going to have challenges defensively," said Rodriguez. "There were times we were just literally holding our breath; we were starting four or five walk-ons and a lot of young guys were playing before they were truly ready."

If you read the article, there is the mandatory paragraph on Michigan and everyone not rooting for him. 


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