Monday, July 29, 2013

Michigan Monday: BBQ Reactions

Team 135 at the BBQ!

It seems like they have had a good time!

  • Unexpected visitors were the Glenville crew:  Marshon Lattimore, Erick Smith and 2015 WR Trevon Story.   They were there on Sunday.

  • Shaun Crawford (who was the only guy on commit watch) had all their questions answered and this trip continue to cement Michigan's place as #1 on his list.   He wants to discuss with his family about a decision timeline before fall camp starts.

  • McDowell was there on Sunday with a lot of family members.  He is sort of a guy that keeps to himself and was sort of hanging back and taking everything in during the BBQ.   Hopefully this trip to Ann Arbor helped strengthen Michigan on his list.

  • 2015 LB from Cincinnati Justin Hillard took in the BBQ after getting an offer at Michigan's camp.  This trip he got to know the coaches better and discuss the team and academics.   He enjoyed the facilities and George Campbell was recruiting him hard.

  • 2015 LB Tyriq Thompson from Detroit was there on Sunday with his parents.  His father played for Michigan and was amazed by all the changes since he played there.   Tyriq really enjoyed getting to know the coaches more and expects to make a decision at the end of his junior year.

  • 2015 OL Sterling Jenkins tweeted: The Michigan Cookout was a success. Definitely gave a lasting impression !

Some news that also came out of the weekend is that Michigan has decided not to recruit the RB position for the 2014 class any longer.   I don't believe that applies to Fournette but it's pretty much him or bust.  Michigan has lots of depth at that position right now and there seems to be strong prospects in 2015 as well.

BBQ = Huge Success with the Campbell commitment and I'm sure it will also garner a few more down the road.

It's now time to focus on the start of fall camp! 

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