Monday, July 22, 2013

Michigan Monday: The Word On The Street

  • ESPN TomVH confirms with Leonard Fournette's coach that the #1 RB in the country will be in Ann Arbor this weekend for BBQ. I believe he is planning to stay from Thursday to Sunday.

  • There are "rumors" floating around the Ohio State Football program that Carlos Hyde could be in some legal trouble and might be dismissed from the team this morning.   OSU is expected to have an official announcement later this morning.

  • Malik McDowell is a maybe for the BBQ.

  • Other 2014 recruits attending the BBQ include: DE Andrew Williams and RB Jonathan Hilliman.  The rest are 2015 recruits and even a few 2016.   George Campbell maybe the highest profile 2015 recruit is still a maybe for the event.


Scott K said...

Cradle of criminals, down there south and east of A2???? Urban should be feeling right at home these days, columbus and gainsville plotter reports look like football rosters.... :)

Blue-blooded said...

Beautiful, I really hoped that THIS message would resonate loud and clear with young Mr. Grant Reed!