Thursday, July 18, 2013

Michigan Thursday: First Zook Gets a Job - Now Greg Robinson Gets One

As reported yesterday, Ron Zook is working at a Bank and now Greg Robinson is back working at the University of Texas.  Greg will be working as an analyst which I thought would be a job on the radio or maybe even on the Longhorn Network.   Nope, Greg will be helping with quality control evaluation, film review and data collection for the Longhorns.   No word if he will be bringing his stuffed animals to UT for defensive motivation.

I guess the clear winner in the Rich Rodriguez DC-Head Coach trade is Syracuse.   Scott Shafer is now the head coach for the Orangemen.  If your keeping score at home:

RR Hired Shafer from Stanford at his first year at Michigan - Shafer is fired by RR after one year - He goes to Syracuse as their DC- Now head coach at Syracuse

Greg Robinson is fired as Syracuse's head coach - Hired by RR to replace Shafer as Michigan's DC - Oversees maybe the two worst years of Michigan defensive football, fired with RR - Now a Quality Control Analyst at Texas.

Now please take a minute to thank goodness we have Greg Mattison!

  • If you haven't heard Marcus Ray will be a new analyst on the Big Ten Network this season.

  • NCAA will not renew their deal with EA Sports due to all the litigation on using players likeness. That means Denard will be the last NCAA College Football Cover boy.

  • John Beilein signs a well deserved 3-year, $7.3M extension.  It feels good that both our football and basketball program have consistent and strong coaching staffs.  I'm actually very excited about the assistants in both programs.

  • The Lions add another Big Ten Bowl game.  I guess it needs a sponsor.  I wonder if anyone in Lions Management has any ties to the Ford Motor Company?  No comment from Purdue, Indiana, Maryland or Rutgers on the new bowl game.   The game will match-up a Big Ten opponent vs. an ACC opponent.   Still no word from Maryland.     I would be more interested in this Game in August not December.

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