Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wolverine Wednesday: Starting To Connect The Dots With The University of Florida

It seems the Michigan Football Staff is friendly with Florida's Football Staff.   It all started about a year ago and now things are starting to make sense.  

Cases in point:

2 Recruitments:  It seems the Michigan coaches got tipped off on two recruitments that were starting "to head south" (pun intended!).   First was David Dawson a committed player to the Wolverines was starting to consider other schools and set up a visit to UF.   The Michigan coaches were contacted to let them know about the visit, most believe that contact came from a coach at UF.   Michigan contacted David let him know he was no longer considered a member of the class and to take his visit.  He did and worked things out with Brady Hoke and now is a Wolverine.   Similar situation with Denzel Ward and UF and him wanting to look around.  Denzel is now committed to Purdue for the 2014 class.

A common enemy in OSU's Urban Meyer.   It's clear Urban left UF a mess and just recently turnned them in on a minor recruiting violation.    Will Muschamp in SEC Media Days called OSU "Ohio".

The Car Wash:  ESPN uses this term for players or coaches that fly out to Bristol and spend the day at the World Wide Leader.   The SEC coaches have been there for two days doing TV and Radio spots.  Will was asked about using the term "Ohio" and said something to the fact, "I have always been a Brady Hoke fan".

Greg the ultimate DC: Spent sometime at UF as Florida's DC under Meyer.

So there you have it, a clear relationship between the two programs.  It's nice to have friends at another major program, that can help clear the air around the fog that is recruiting.   No doubt Michigan and Florida will still go after the same kids, but it's nice to know that a program is looking out for the Michigan coaches and vice versa.  

  • George Campbell is confirmed for the BBQ this weekend.  Michigan will have in attendance the #1 WR in the 2015 class and the #1 RB in the 2014 class.   Yes, please to both guys! 

  • Memo to ESPN, we have seen the Clowney and Vincent Smith hit now 10,000 times, please stop finding reasons to show it. 

  • EPSN's #1 player in the 2015 class DE Jashon Cornell has confirmed an un-official visit for the UTL Michigan - ND game. (Campbell is #3 in the class per ESPN)

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