Thursday, August 29, 2013

Big Ten Weekend Preview

Welcome to football everyone!!! The season starts tonight with a South Carolina vs. North Carolina at 6:00.   3 Big Ten teams (if you count Rutgers) play tonight as well.

Football is back and all is well in the world!!!

Tonight's Games

Indiana State at Indiana:  This would be a great basketball game some 30+ years ago when Larry Bird was at Indiana State.    Not so much a great football game as IU is almost a 25 point favorite tonight.   IU really wants to be the next Northwestern in the Big Ten.  That journey continues tonight in a laugher:  IU 41 ISU 10

UNLV at Minnesota:  I'm not sold on Jerry Kill as a head coach but we will see if he makes it through the year.    I don't follow UNLV but they have had decent teams in the past.   My biggest interest in this game is if we get to see true freshman Berkley Edwards play (Braylon's brother).   The Golden Gophers are -13.5 favorite.  I think this game ends up pretty close.  Minnesota 21 UNLV 17

Rutgers at Fresno State:  Rutgers is re-building and Fresno State usually has a solid program.  Fresno State is a favored by 11 points.  With the travel and late night game, I think Rutgers is sunk:  Fresno State 31  Rutgers 21

Friday's Game

Western Michigan at Michigan State:  It seems Michigan and MSU are doing their best to help the revenue at a couple of other state schools this weekend.   This will be another laugher as MSU is a 28 point favorite.   MSU 31 WMU 13


Purdue at Cincinnati:  I'm proud of the Boilermakers in traveling to a semi-local BCS opponent week one.  Both teams welcome new coaches and Cincinnati's is a name you might recognize in Tommy Tuberville.   I've never been a big fan of Purdue's program and Cincinnati continues to be a program on the rise. Cincinnati is a -10.5:    UC 28 Purdue 14

Buffalo Bills at Ohio State:  I can't believe Urban Meyer scheduled a pro team week one.  I wonder who the Bills will start at QB?   I would rather see that game.  Instead of this one where OSU is 34.5 favorite.  OSU 50 Buffalo 6

Southern Illinois at Illinois:  Like the state of Michigan, University of Illinois does their best to spread the wealth around the state.   Illinois is still rebuilding but will win this one easy as they are a 18 point favorite.   Illinois 28 S Ill 17

UMass at Wisconsin:  Mike Cox will be running for the NY Giants not for the Minutemen this weekend.  Wisconsin is a 44.5 favorite, my goodness that is a huge line.   Wisconsin 55 UMass 12

FIU at Maryland:  I have no idea on either team.  I know Maryland will have some type of Under Armour Jersey on:  Maryland -22.  Maryland 24 FIU 10

Penn State at Syracuse:  Finally a real Big Ten game!!  Penn State is traveling to the carrier dome to play a pretty decent Syracuse team who is now lead by former Michigan DC Scott Schaffer.  This is one you should try to tune into as Penn State is -8.5 favorite.    I think we will see an upset here:  Syracuse 21 Penn State 20.

Northern Illinois at Iowa:  Northern Illinois can play and made it to the Orange Bowl last year.  Yes, folks that's a BCS Bowl.   They travel to a Big Ten school this week and are a 3 point underdog.   Iowa's program is somewhat a mystery as it should be better then it really is.  Second upset:   
Northern Illinois 17 Iowa 9

Wyoming at Nebraska:  I got nothing as Nebraska is -30 in this game.   Nebraska 40 Wyoming 3

Best Big Ten Game of the Week:

Northwestern at California:  This also happens to be the last game of the weekend.  As it's a 10:00PM EST kickoff time.   The Wildcats travel west as a 5.5 favorite in this game.  California is still trying to get their program back after the Jeff Tedford days.  Their coach is now Sonny Dkyes!   I know the Big Ten doesn't do well when they play in this time zone but I still like the Wildcats:  Northwestern 38 CAL 28

Michigan vs. CMU will be previewed Friday Morning!


Scott K said...

Fox Sports has a sick video clip of Jabrill Peppers on a 30 yd TD run in a scrimmage this summer. I believe he goes thru all 11 of the defenders on his way to the end zone.

Bob said...

I think it made ESPN top plays as well.