Saturday, August 31, 2013

Game Day Thoughts

Tec is back and ready for kickoff!

My Expectations Today are:
  • Devin has transformed from a new QB into a very good QB
  • Fitz is back with force
  • The offensive line is improved in run blocking
  • Michigan's DLine can stop the run
  • Cam Gordon fills in nicely for Ryan
  • The Michigan Safeties struggle at times
  • Gallon and Norfleet are game changers
  • Michigan does not have 1st game struggles and come out ready to dominate

What to watch for:
  • Chris Wormley
  • The Pass Rush Law Firm of Frank, Mario and Taco
  • Jehu's speed
  • Do we see any true freshman running backs?
  • Dymonte Thomas is the future (aka next week) at safety
  • Is The Count ready to be an all Big Ten corner

Enjoy the game and welcome back to Michigan Football!  Today is a good day!

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