Thursday, August 22, 2013

Michigan Thursday: The Day After Darboh

Injuries happen at all programs during fall practice.   Some of Michigan's most famous fall camp injuries include Drew Henson and Troy Woolfolk.  Still it's hard when a star or a young player with talent goes down for the season before the first kickoff.  

Speaking of kickoffs, Michigan lost Blake Countness on the first kickoff of the year in Dallas last season.  Injuries happen and each program and the players and coaches need the "next guy up" mentality.

Is this a good time or bad time for an injury? 

Many of us wanted Amara to redshirt last year.  I'm not a coach, but I didn't see the value in playing him mostly on special teams.  I know he got in on a few offensive plays but he ended the season with zero catches.  He now gets that redshirt back and will be ready to play next year.  

Michigan still has quality WR's in Gallon and Dileo .  There is also the senior leadership of Jackson and Reynolds.  Jehu will hopefully be the speed and deep threat and we might see one of the true freshmen get a few snaps now like York, Dukes or Jones. 

So it's never a good time for a injury but Michigan still has talent at WR it's just un-proven, which hasn't changed with or with out Amara.

Update:  From Big Al's presser:

Are any of the freshmen capable at this point?
"No. No. Not really."

Not yet?
"No. Not yet. But we're not completing eliminating them, either. Not yet, anyway."

So now what?

Every time I think Big Al is going to zig he zags.  So I might be way off base, but I would expect to see a ton of  "The Patriots" two tight end offense with Funchess and Butt now.   I also expect that Norfleet would have even have a bigger role in the offense and more reps at WR.   

Hoke and Big Al are pretty good at keeping the buzz down, but I haven't heard one piece of buzz on the true freshman WR's which probably means they are headed for a redshirt.   I think we will see Funchess move outside a little bit now and maybe we could get a nickname for the likes of Gallon, Dileo and Norfleet who could be the shortest WR group in the country? 

The Maize & Blue Smurfs?  We will work on it.

Here is Joe Reynolds take on the new WR's:

  • Crawford's announcement will be on ESPN tomorrow.  It got moved from noon to 4:00.  

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