Thursday, August 8, 2013

Michigan Thursday: Rumor Mill = Green Hurt in Practice

At this point just a rumor and won't be fact until someone from U of M confirms it, probably today at Hoke's press conference:


Per source: Michigan freshman RB Derrick Green got hurt in practice today and is out 2 weeks.
A couple thoughts if this is true:  Michigan plays CMU in 3 weeks, which means we probably are not going to see Green week 1.   Also I assume it's nothing major and maybe just a sprained or twisted ankle?  If this report is true, lets hope it's nothing serious.  
  • Long-time SID at Michigan Bruce Madej is going to retire at the end of the school year.
  • CTK: Day 23 Drew Dileo :  You will see Green walking at second 35 - 45 on the video.   Also Drew and Taylor are close friends and Drew helped him make the decision to come back.   Norfleet  looked good in the slot.
  • Coach Speak:  Big AL: This was the most interesting quote (IMO) from his presser yesterday:
Are you going to narrow down the number of backs you'll use?
"Fred and I talked about that, and we're leaving it a little open-ended, but yes, we are going to do that. But to say we're going to pinpoint a day? We haven't done that, but it's probably going to be within the next week and a half."

So you'll go from six to four?
"We'll keep six up, but the carries for certain players will go down because you can't get six guys ready. But we're not waiting until the week of the game. I guess that's probably what your question is. We're going to give everybody a chance and see what they can do running in live situations and such, and then once we hopefully get enough data we'll pare it down to who we think it's going to be."
  • 2015 QB from Cass Tech Jayru Campbell committed to MSU yesterday.  Jayru did not have a Michigan offer, even though one might have come down the line.   Good luck to him in East Lansing.

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