Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Michigan Tuesday: Coach Speak and What it Means

Here is what we have learned this week and what it means:

Courtney Avery out two weeks with a knee procedure:  The difference in the Outback Bowl was the poor play by Michigan's DB's.  Not having Floyd and with Countess injured was a big loss for the Wolverines.   Avery has played in the Michigan secondary for 3 years and the Michigan coaches need to find a way to get him on the field.  But which position?  It sounds like The Count and Taylor have locked down the corner spots with Avery (before the injury) the starting free safety.   Most expected Avery as the nickel or third CB but it looks like the coaches what his experience on the field and having him at safety is better then just being a back up.   So now what?  I expect to see lots of DB's playing including true freshmen Thomas, Lewis and Stribling.   We will also get a chance to see what Delonte Hollowell and Josh Furman has. 

Derrick Green and Deveon Smith made the travel team depth chart - which probably means neither will redshirt, which I believe is a mistake if Fitz has a the year we all expect he will.   I think you have to redshirt one of them. 

Offensive line is Lewan, Glasgow, Miller Kalis and Schofield.   I'm surprised that Glasgow beat out Bryant and Ben Braden.   Bryant could still have some injury problems and I believe the coaches like Braden at Tackle more then Guard.   The word on the street is Miller is a better snapper then Glasgow but Glasgow is the better blocker.   Is it a problem to have a walk-on starting on the offensive line?  I don't think so because Glasgow was late to football and has a high ceiling but there seems to be some nice depth if this group struggles.   The two guys between Lewan and Kalis are still a bit of a question mark to me.

Is Michigan's Gallon of water half full or empty?  Norfleet has become the #1 returner for punts and kickoffs.  Jeremy Gallon is way too important as the #1 WR to continue with punt returns.  I think we are going to need a true freshman to step up as a WR this year.  This position group really concerns me.   I would be in support of Gallon wearing #1 to give this position group a boost.  They really need to dust that number off and get it back on the field.

Orange is the new Red:  We know what coach Hoke thinks of the color red and we all have heard that Urban Meyer has lost his mind about the color blue.   So I'm guessing Hoke is starting to call redshirts orangeshirts.   Here are the list of true freshman that are going to play and maybe as early as this Saturday:

  • Channing Stribling
  • Dymonte Thomas
  • Derrick Green
  • De'Veon Smith
  • Shane Morris
  • Jourdan Lewis
  • Taco Charlton

  • Braylon Edwards was cut by the Jets yesterday.  This could be the end for the former Michigan WR.

  • The Detroit News ranks the best players in the state for the 2014 class:  #1 Harris, #2 McDowell, #3 Webb, #4 Marshall.

  • If Mike Cox makes the Giants roster, did the Wolverine coaches make a mistake by not playing him?  He couldn't get a look under RR or Hoke.   There has to be some type of back story here.

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