Friday, September 13, 2013

Akron Preview

Time: Noon EST
Location: Big House
Weather: 68 & Sunny
Line:  Michigan -37

It's hard to find a ton to write about when the Akron Zips come to town.   Their administrator is former OSU scandalous head coach Jim Tressel and their current head coach is former Auburn coach Terry Bowden who of course is the son of legendary coach Bobby.  That is about as interesting as this game is going to get from a preview stand point.  The zips got beat by UCF and then in week two barley got buy James Madison.  Did I mention LeBron is from Akron?

Tale of the Tape

Michigan -37, they are better everywhere

Food For Thought

Will this game be a sellout?   I know the ticket office was putting family packs together to try to sell some extra tickets.

What is a Zip? (a Kangaroo)

Should Shane Morris and Derrick Green start?  I know coaches always want players to improve from week to week and that Devin and Fitz still need snaps, but do they really need them against Akron?  I would be more inclined to keep them both on the bench and play the guys that need the experience.  I expect they will be out by the 3rd quarter and Morris and Green will be running the show.

Can the defense pitch a shut out?  The Zips only scored 7 points against UCF

Love the noon start!

Sing Hail to the Victors if......................
  • No major injuries
  • Devin and Fitz are spectators by halftime
  • Fitz gets a 100 yards
  • The defense gives up 1 field goal or less
  • Butt and Funchess have big afternoons
Zip up your coat and leave if....................
  • It rains
  • You have yard work to do
  • Tressel's show clause is over and he is on the sideline

This is one of those games you just hope nothing bad happens.   Michigan is ranked #11 in the country now and has full steam ahead for a huge matchup with the Buckeyes late in November.   Keeping the likes of Devin and Fitz healthy are paramount to Michigan making it's goals for the year.   Hopefully this one will get out of hand early, both guys can be resting safely on the sideline and Akron can cash their $900K check for coming.   Sounds like it will be a beautiful day to watch football at the Big House!

Michigan 48 Akron 3

Go Blue!


Scott K said...

Tressel hired as the V.P. of strategic engagement of the university still cracks me up... its just another job lined up by an osu booster for a crooked memeber of osu athletics. seriously, who has ever heard of that position prior to his hiring by akron? His job experience includes coaching with a few years as AD at YSU.

Eric Carbajal said...

A zip actually isn't a kangeroo

They got their name from stupid shoe because the creator was from Akron (or something)

Then the AD back whenever wanted a mascot and chose Roo (the kangeroo)

Nice research