Thursday, September 5, 2013

Big Ten Weekend Preview

The game of the week is a no-brainer and we will be previewing it on Friday morning.  So on to the rest of the games:

Second Game of The Week:

Syracuse at Northwestern:  I give the Northwestern AD a ton of credit.  He scheduled CAL and now Syracuse back to back.  That is games vs. the PAC 12 and the ACC in consecutive weeks, which is nice to see.   Syracuse lost to Penn State last week and now they travel to Chicago to play the big offense of the Wildcats.   Northwestern got some bad news this past week as their starting CB is out for the year.   Expect a few points in this game (just like last year).   NW is a -12 in this game and I think that is probably about right.  NW 41 Syracuse 24

The rest of the games:

South Florida at MSU:  Sparty's offense was poor last week but South Florida lost to McNeese State which I didn't know had a football program.   Looks like MSU lucked out again and will have another game where their defense wins the game.  MSU is favored by  23.5 points and I'm not sure they can score that much.   MSU 21 South Florida 12

Eastern Michigan at PSU:  Penn State plays solid football with a limited roster.  EMU plays poor football with a full roster.   This line is the same as the game above at PSU - 23.5.   Penn State 38 EMU 14

Indiana State at Purdue:  ISU seems to be on a tour of it's own state as it got blown out by IU last Thursday and now heads to Purdue who got embarrassed at Cincy last week.   Purdue is favored by 17 points, which they should cover easily.   Purdue 38 ISU 7

Cincinnati at Illinois:  UC will do their best impression of a team that wants to be in a major conference as they plan to go 2-0 vs. the Big Ten in back to back weeks.  They are not exactly beating the best teams in the conference, but I'm sure they will take it.   UC is a -8.5 on the road.  I think Illinois tries to keep it close but will lose in the end.   UC 31 Illinois 21

Missouri State at Iowa:  The Hawkeyes are looking for their first win of the season after losing to Northern Illinois last week.  Iowa's program seems to be circling the drain but they will win this weekend as they are -24.5 favorite.   Iowa 40 Miss State 14

Tennessee Tech at Wisconsin:  No words for a line at -44.5.   Wisky 61 TT 5

San Diego State at OSU:  This game would be much more interesting if it was played in San Diego.  It isn't and OSU is a -28.  I expect they will play better then they did against Buffalo as Ohio State continues to welcome NFL cities to the Shoe.   OSU 38 SDS 17 

Navy at Indiana:  This game will be tougher for IU then people think.  Navy's triple option offense is hard to defend when you only have a week to do it.   I think Navy gives IU a -13 favorite all they can handle.  Navy 24 IU 21

Southern Miss at Nebraska:  Usually Southern Miss has a good team, I don't know what they have this year but it seems the Nebraska defense is having some issues.   Nebraska is a 28.5 favorite but they will give up a few points.   Nebraska 41 Southern Miss 28

Minnesota at New Mexico State:  Minnesota travels to a team in the WAC.  That doesn't happen too often but good for them.  The Golden Gophers are favored by 16.6 points.  I think they will struggle on the road.   Minnesota 18 NMS 17

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