Thursday, September 19, 2013

Big Ten Weekend Preview

The Big Ten has taken black eyes in Week 1 and Week 3 of this season.   That is quite a few punches for a few weeks and they will be looking to rebound this weekend.   The games include another State of Michigan school vs. Notre Dame and a Big Ten game. 

Game of the Week:

MSU at ND:  After playing two Big Ten schools on the road, the Fighting Irish come home to face the #1 defense in the nation in Michigan State.   The issue is MSU has had trouble scoring points against everybody beside Youngstown State.   ND didn't play very well on the road and are lucky to have gone 1-1 against the Big Ten.   This will be a game where both teams will be going against strength (ND offense) vs. strength (MSU D) and weakness (ND D) vs. weakness (MSU O).  ND really can't afford another loss and nobody is paying any attention to the undefeated Spartans and their top ranked defense.   Something has to give and Rees will have to protect from throwing a pick 6 which could be the difference in the game.  ND is favored by 7 and that seems high against MSU's defense.   This could be a very low scoring game.   ND 10 MSU 6

Big Ten Match-up

Purdue at Wisconsin:  Both teams played well last week and both lost.  The PAC 12 apologized for having their referees suck, but that doesn't help the Badgers as they left the dessert with an L.  Purdue played over their heads and competed with ND for 3 quarters.  Wisconsin is clearly the better team but are they 24.5 better?  No they are not.   Wisconsin 28 Purdue 14

San Jose State at Minnesota:  I have a weird dream where Tate Forcier got his act together and is the senior QB at San Jose.  That didn't happen.  Minnesota has trouble off the field with the health of head coach Jerry Kill and a decent opponent coming in.  The gophers are only a 4.5 favorite.   I am waiting for the gophers train to fall off the track but we might have to wait until they come to Ann Arbor in a few weeks.   Minnesota 31 SJS 27

Florida A&M at OSU:  What?  This is a strange game.  OSU is - 50.  Yea, 50 points.  OSU 100 - Florida A&M 0

Western Michigan at Iowa:  Western seems to play a Big Ten school every weekend.   They are a decent team but just doesn't have enough talent to compete for 4 quarters.   Iowa is -16.5 and that's too many points.   Iowa 21 Western Michigan 13

South Dakota State at Nebraska:  "F' this game and F' the fans who watch it"  - Bo Pelini.   Nebraska is favored by 20.5.  Nebraska 24 SDS 17  (If Neb gets upset because Taylor Martinez has turf toe, Bo doesn't make it to Monday as the head coach)

Maine at Northwestern:  Finally Northwestern plays a cupcake game.   I guess Western could have qualified but they actually played with the Wildcats for about a half or so.  The Wildcats are a -28 in this one.   NW 51 Maine 10

Kent State at Penn State:  Hey another MAC - Big Ten Match-up!  Fun Times!   Penn State is still licking their wounds from the Central Florida loss, they are still -21 in this one.   Penn State 31 Kent State 6

Missouri at Indiana:  This is a strange SEC vs. Big Ten match up.  Neither team is making any headlines and Missouri is a 3 point favorite on the road.  I have a feeling the IU program is looking to hang their hat on a big win and this could be the one.   IU 31 Mizzu 28

Michigan at UConn will be previewed on Friday.

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