Friday, September 27, 2013

Bye Week Preview

It's a Bye Week!
Time: Sleep in
Location: Your couch
TV:  Yes, lots
Weather:  Comfortable
Line: Pick'em on afternoon nap

Bye weeks are boring and seemingly less stressful then a regular Michigan Football Saturday.   Your blood pressure is lower and all of sudden you have 3 1/2 hours open in a spot that is normally occupied.   I'm sure you don't need my advice on what to do, during your day but I will profile what we hope the Wolverines are doing with their newly found down time.

Tale of the Tape:

Good Devin vs. Evil Devin = Call to Dr. Phil

Brady Hoke vs. Homemade Pizza = 2 Pizza's easy

Big Al vs. The Big Ten Schedule = Selling Washers and Dryers might be easier

Taylor Lewan vs. Gone Pro Taylor Lewan = "I could have been in Jacksonville right now"

Devin Gardner vs. Denard Robinson = "I told you running is much easier then passing!"

Jake Ryan vs. Mr. Miyagi = "Heal young grass hopper, Heal!"

Jeremy Gallon vs. The Disney Channel = A Phineas and Ferb marathon

I wouldn't be surprised if Jake Ryan didn't leave the hyperbaric chamber all weekend (if Michigan doesn't have one they really should -  Anyone have Steve Ross's number?)

I would also imagine a strong recruiting rush from Greg Mattison this weekend.   I'm betting he is at every high school game in Ohio on Friday.   Love the idea on cloning Mattison, there has to be a smart guy in Ann Arbor working on that.  

Sing anything you like if.......................
  • Wisconsin upsets Ohio State
  • Oklahoma scores 50 on ND and Kelly launches himself like a bottle rocket.
  • You catch an hour nap and feel like a million bucks after
  • It rains where you live and you don't have to do yard work

Yell, Bring on the Golden Gophers if....................
  • You end up scouting the Minnesota - Iowa game.
  • You love the little brown jug
  • You find the weekend, strangely boring
  • You end up shopping for new furniture with the wife all day

I think the day will start like every other Saturday with your kids (fill in the sport) practice or game.   You wonder to yourself, what time does Michigan play today?  Then it hits you, it's a bye week and you have a couch calling your name.  Your heart can rest easy because whatever happens, Michigan will still be 4-0 on Sunday. 

Enjoy your day

Go Blue!

1 comment:

Scott K said...

When your team is 4-0, you wouldn't imagine a bye-week being a good thing, why lose that momentum and risk rust??
The bye-week couldn't come at a better time for the team... quite frankly for the fans as well!

My good friend's son is getting married this weekend... I said "in football season, are you crazy?" (my first marriage was Oct 24, didn't work so well) He said, "it's a bye week"... Anniversaries happen every year young one.... Good luck Shawn.

Go Blue!