Saturday, September 21, 2013

Game Day Deep Thoughts

Tec clearly has the size advantage over the Huskies this week! 
Memo to the Wolverines:  Do what you did 2 weeks ago not last week. 
Other things to watch tonight:
  • Good Devin vs. Evil Devin
  • Is Fitz following his FB?
  • Hello Dileo and Jehu are you open?
  • Can Michigan pressure the QB without Wreck it Ryan?
  • Who is playing on the Dline?
  • Are our safeties still playing 40 yards off the ball?
  • Can Michigan play well on the road?  (Penn State trip is not that far off)
  • When is Peppers getting here?  Will he be at the game? Who is going to be our #2 or #3 CB?
  • Will the sold out crowd and UConn's biggest game of the year effect the young Wolverines?
  • Jake Butt will get a TD
  • Gallon loves the bright lights of a night game and it's the 21st of September (which has to be a good sign).

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