Saturday, September 7, 2013

Game Day Thoughts

I love ND Game Day/Night.  There is something special about a September day when Michigan and ND play.  It's really too bad that this series is coming to an end after next year.   Most of us blame ND for the cancelation, which is accurate but I believe Michigan will benefit from not playing ND when the 9 game Big Ten Season starts.   Overall, college football is worse for not playing this game.  It always seems to come during a weekend without another headline game.   (this year there is a few though).  It does open the possibility of a Michigan - ND meeting in a bowl game, which would bring a ton of interest from both fan bases.

Tec is ready for a late night game at the Big House!  Are you?

It seems turnovers always play a big role in who wins this game.  Denard and Michigan out played ND last year and imploded every time they were in the red zone.  The Big House will be rocking and I think the pass rush on both sides will come knocking.
  • This could be a career changing day for Devin Gardner
  • Fitz needs to run like that injury ghost is chasing him
  • Gallon already made his mark on this rivalry when he was left open and ran wild with 16 seconds left.  Time for a couple big TD's catches
  • I like our match-up with Funchess and Butt - DG throw it to them
  • I hope Michigan has watched a lot of tape of the NC game and how Bama beat up the Irish.  (i'm sure they did the same)
  • I hope Frank Clark and Cam Gordon regularly are meeting at Rees
  • Michigan Safeties please - please keep everything in front of you
  • If the defense plays like it did last year and Michigan's offense uses the energy from the Big House crowd and delivers in the red zone - it will be a great night to be a Michigan Wolverine!
Have Fun at the Game and Go Blue! 


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